Archery Run

Published 2021-08-29

Made for the 2021 List game jam

Idk if the jam is still on going, timezones suck for me so I don't know if it counts

The themes I picked (and used) are:

-the visuals are monochromic (I hope I got it right, well in this case red)

-you control the entire game with just one button (no mouse)

-the game has only one sound effect

I couldn't get much into the game cause the deadline was near

So Sadly you only get like 3 themes for this game

The art and coding were all done by me

But the music is made by RemoCon!

They currently have an NG acc and they might post some music soon or not

Font by TomIsraels: Font

Also if you decided to read this description to the end thank you! also giving you a tip: "Don't hold the spacebar too long if you ONLY wanted to jump

Edit: thx yall for the support and criticism of archery run, I plan to make a sequel to this game and try to improve the mechanics

Update Log

Update 1: Added mobile support

Update 2: Music now no longer restarts when you die

Added a bit more spikes

Added more decorations

Fixed Jump animations

Music files are now changed to ogg

Update 3: Added Medals

Update 4: Major stuff uhh