Feelings Episode 2: Pursue | Madness Combat

Published 2022-10-24


Synopsis: After the events of Feelings 1 we find Victor and Bibi waking up in the middle of the city. Lost in their ways and being the only people who knew the plans of the Agency upon the city they decide to warn the police forces about their imminent attack, but doing that won't be an easy job for them thanks to the Patova's mafia who still owe a bullet for Victor and will chase him to death to make his work harder. Follow Victor and Bibi once again in this retro adventure and see how far this duo can go.

Tremendously big ups to these people for animating additional action scenes: Nexgoo, Maker, Smartmonkeypo, Jeremotas, Shadz64, The Crossfire, Acid Sama and DJ.

Tremendous thanks to MushProom for drawing the cover art of this animation

Thanks to RistikMusic for composing exclusive tracks for the animation

Also thanks to these people for helping me out with the sound effects: Rodan91, Eastly, N.B. and Maker.

And last but not least thanks to Newithoot for helping with extra graffiti art and Zhou124 for supporting additional help on the discotec background.

This movie was planned to be out for Madness Day 2021 but due to unfortunate events on my life including the diagnostication of diabetes the movie was delayed to this year, due to that the movie was split in 2 individual parts being the first one "Feelings 1.5" and now the second part "Feelings 2" Thanks to my friends and family for the immense support during the production of this movie, this is only the beginning!

Music in order

I got them feelingz - RistikMusic

Lost dream (Bonus) - RistikMusic

Hope for a better day - RistikMusic

Crime scene theme - unknow

80's called back - Locknar

Outer spheres - On interrupt

Land of the silver shadows - Iyari

Ending explanation: As our protagonists stand surrounded by the Agency, they slowly began to realize they were playing vicariously as a diversion to allow the Agency to sneak into the city and ambush them all by surprise, everything from now on is lost and the city is condemned forever to be the epicenter of the chaos that is imminently going to be unleashed all over the world and who knows where else. As the screen starts to fade out into darkness, the hopes upon our heros start to vanish into perdition.