Furcifer's Fungeon

Published 2022-10-29

This is the demo of Furcifer's Fungeon developed by PlayWithFurcifer with Godot Engine. 

Current version: 0.4.2

Open options with escape/O. Controls are remappable! Best played in fullscreen. Turn off "High quality" if it lags.

Changelog 0.4.2:

  • Added optional damage numbers (see Options)
  • Added optional player health bar (see Options)
  • Weapons now indicate cooldown with their brightness
  • Added “Adventurer” talent
  • Added “Overwhelming Power” talent
  • Added “The Grind” talent
  • Temporal buff globes now say what they do on pickup!
  • Arrow keys now can be used for moving by default
  • Fixes:
  • Steel Dragon should finally work
  • Fixed a bug that left the paddle dealing damage when switched while charging
  • Fixed broken parameters on demonic items
  • Fixed a crash when the options were opened twice at the same time and then closed
  • Fixed enemies being pushed by the left border
  • Fixed weird aiming with the fire-laser
  • Game now pauses on focus loss
  • Balance:
  • Reduced Lightning Strike cooldown
  • Reduced the requirements for “Steel Dragon” from 2 neutral items to only 1
  • Slightly nerfed Bone Scythe
  • Sir Honkalot now has more invincibility after dashing, allowing offensive dashes
  • Rebalanced heart pickup to heal a bit less early and a bit more late game
  • Mage armor: 1% block for 3 int -> 1% block for 4 int, it should still be good
  • Ruby shield block scaling from 10%/15%/20% -> 10%/12.5%/15%
  • Swarmer enemies (mushrooms and bees) move slower but have more hp, this should offer a bit more space to dodge. Also adjusted how they move close to the player.
  • Stronker Chonker 4hp/s -> 3hp/s
  • Improved description texts
  • Spell damage (now “Wand damage”)
  • Block stat
  • Contact damage stat
  • Dragon Claws item
  • Renamed “Dash cast rate” -> “Dash rate”
  • Renamed the neutral element: “Physical damage” -> “Neutral damage” “None item” -> “Neutral item”

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