Handle With Care

Published 2023-05-08


Handling With Care is not just the name of our company, but also a well deserved title that has been proving itself over the course of many, many years! We promise to DELIVER your package with as much CARE,  in the shortest amount of TIME as possible! 

In the journey, your precious item may experience lots of TURBULENCE and SHAKING, but trust us when we say that there won't be even a scratch on it! We DESIGN our VEHICLES with careful CALCULATION and have the best DRIVERS across the whole solar system

1. First step of delivering your package is to design a unique vehicle that can do the job. For that, we use J to grab and place the parts. Later, we use SPACE to assign each part to it's own key. It could be any key! When our vehicle is ready, we press the BIG RED BUTTON outside the garage to start the delivery

2. Second phase is the most important one- DELIVERING your item. Our drivers carefully handle the vehicle in order to get it from point A to point B. If there's any trouble with the vehicle on the road, our drivers have excellent knowledge in REPAIR and are great at critical thinking too!

3. The last, but not least, is your rating, something that we deeply care about! Depending on whether or not the item is DELIVERED, DELIVERED FAST and DELIVERED WITH CARE, you can give us 1, 2 or 3 stars!! Keep in mind that we only work with the best of the best and employees with low ratings have to get immediately fired :)

This game was made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 53 using the theme "DELIVERY"

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https://twitter.com/ms_frogrammer (programming / music)

https://twitter.com/jamierowan_ (animations / visuals)

https://twitter.com/TinyBox11 (art / visuals)

*design by everyone involved

Join my discord server -> https://discord.gg/AdH5jZTnPX