Bando's Comic Wizard

Published 2023-05-17

Do you have a long-form comic and want to publish it online, especially on Newgrounds? Well, wait no longer! Here's Bando's Comic Wizard! This utility allows you to embed your comic pages or even just images into a viewer ready to be uploaded to the Games Portal.

Smooth streaming comics and image viewers can be yours in just a few steps! The wizard itself will walk you through the entire process, but basically you number your pages, put them in a folder with your comics title, and drag and drop. The utility then let's you download a zip file that's ready to upload.

This is the same technology that we here at Montrose use to publish Paradise Slice, but now in easy to use drag and drop "wizard" form that's hosted right here on Newgrounds!

The viewer features:

  • Smooth streaming of pages using intelligent preloading
  • No additional image compression
  • Loading indicator
  • Mouse navigation
  • Touch navigation
  • Arrow-key navigation
  • Browser navigation (forward and back)
  • Compatibility with browser zoom-in and zoom-out
  • Bookmarking
  • "Right-click* image saving

In addition to being ready to upload to Newgrounds, the zip files the wizard produces are a hybrid format that's also ready to server from a generic web server (just uncompress into a served directory) and can be read by most dedicated comic viewer apps (you may need to rename the .zip to a .cbz). So it's a very useful for comic artists!

If you like this sort of thing, check out our Newgrounds Art Scheduler.

We're always on the lookout for bugs! Please let us know if you find any or have any questions! Happy Comicking!

Browser Requirements:

Bando's Comic Wizard requires folder (webkitdirectory) drag and drop support. Brave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari have been tested and are known to work. Opera GX in unsupported.


Programming: @alsoknownas1

GFX: @KittyhawkMontrose

Music: @Dieswyx

Fonts Used: League Spartan