Heart& (Prerelease)

Published 2022-11-03

An undertale-themed bullet-hell survival arcade game.

Survive for as long as you can against waves of bullet patterns.
The patterns will get harder if you persist. But stay heartened.
Graze against bullets to build your green energy meter. Fill it to heal slightly.
Hold square to dash at the cost of green energy (if you have any).
You can still dash when your energy is at zero, and it's free.
Every time you heal, the amount of energy you need to heal again gets bigger.

Get bonus points for each wave you complete without taking damage.
Get bonus points for healing. Get more bonus points for healing when at full health.


use d-pad to move and make menu selections
press square to confirm selections
hold x to skip text

hold square to dash
hold x in the library to switch to menu navigation
hold square and x to exit the library

Music in the prelease is Dimensional Gate by @gruber_music (Pico8 Tunes vol II)