Bustin' 2.1

Published 2023-06-12

New York City is being overrun by ghosts! Who you gonna call?

Take control of your favorite Ghostbuster and try to stop the onslaught of Slimers through 5 frantic levels of arcade action. Choose from Peter, Ray, Egon, or Winston and try to stop Gozer and her minions from taking over the world. Good luck!

Keyboard controls:

Stop the Slimers from reaching the city. Use your proton beam to bust ghosts and destroy the portals. Your slime meter will fill as ghosts get by you. If your slime meter gets full, it's game over. And watch out...you don't want your proton pack to overheat!

You have ghost traps but they're limited and you can only throw one at a time. And keep an eye out for the Stay Puft marshmallow man...he means the city is almost filled with slime.


Updated 10/2021:
To celebrate the new upcoming Ghostbusters movie, the game has been tweaked a bit to add Gozer to the script as well as setting default play to the original Ghostbusters characters. You can still switch to the girl Ghostbusters by hitting Up/Down on the title screen.

Ghost traps are no longer unlimited! You start with 3 traps and can earn more as you bust more ghosts. Keep an eye out for the orange Slimers...bust him and you'll get an extra trap.

About this game:
My 5-year-old daughter loves Ghostbusters and while she's not really into video games just yet, I decided to make her a Ghostbusters game to maybe nudge her along a little bit. She's seen all the movies but likes the new Ghostbusters the most, so this game features the lady Ghostbusters...but don't worry, you can unlock Peter and the gang...just keep bustin'!

All in all, it's a simple game...basically Tapper with Ghostbusters. It's not that difficult but I pretty much made with my kid in mind. It'll be a tough challenge for her but for us "experienced" gamers it'll be a fun but brief playthrough.

Feedback and bug reports are welcome and encouraged. Thanks to everyone that helped in development. Brian Follick for turning the Ghostbusters theme into a Pico-8 track. @BeetleInTheBox for the extra graphics in short notice. And the great Pico-8 community for the support, snippets and encouragement to actually finish a game...thanks!