The COMPLETE Guide To All Overwatch 2 Tanks

Published 2022-10-05
Excited to release this Overwatch 2 Tank Guide to help both beginners and experts understand how to play tank in Overwatch 2. In this Overwatch 2 guide you'll learn about all the different tank heroes, who's the best tank in OW 2, weakest tank, how to play them in different scenarios and who I think will be meta and pairs well with other heroes. Consider this the go-to beginner and expert Overwatch 2 guide to tanking for heroes Junker Queen, Doomfist, Reinhardt, Zarya, Orisa, Sigma, Wrecking Ball, Winston, Dva, Roadhog. As always though, the best way to learn how to tank in Overwatch 2 is to play the game - so get out there and grind!

Everything is streamed live @ before being uploaded to YouTube.

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0:00 Introduction
0:50 Junkerqueen
5:26 Doomfist
10:00 Reinhardt
16:26 Zarya
19:57 Orisa
24:02 Sigma
27:10 Wrecking Ball
30:45 Winston
35:10 DVA
40:06 Roadhog

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All Comments (21)
  • @endlessiron956
    “Its not about winning, its about psychological warfare” - Flats quote of 2022😂😂
  • @sliverbullet1
    JunkerQueen 100% feels like she was designed to be an off tank.
  • @timberland3220
    I love Orisa’s new kit, but her ultimate needs some serious work, maybe even get a completely new one. I always thought it would be cool if her ultimate placed fortify on every player on your team, that fits with her brawl play-style and would signal to your team to initiate a team fight.
  • @AlphalanceVO
    Big thing I didn't hear you mention about Junkerqueen's kit is you don't need to pull the knife back immediately. If you leave it in the target it will continue to do bleed damage and you will regenerate while that happens. It's a great way to help her last in fights or finish off fleeing targets while you reload.
  • Doomfists charge punch can also cancel ultimates like Moira's and Reapers, so that's some very very slight extra utility. Which is kinda helpful since moira's are pretty common
  • I would love to see this be done for Support and DPS as well! This makes me want to try out Orisa more when I never gave them any thought before
  • @kurokubushi
    First Step: Being able to log in to play the game.
  • @max6000Games
    Honestly DVA is still one of the best tanks IMO.
    I genuinely love her.
    About 70% of damage usually comes from projectiles. Being bale to block that is really really nice.
    Plus she is fast and can escape because of her booster packs.
    Love her tbh
  • @drbonko4114
    something else about Zarya i like to do, right clicking in front of a Rein that's chasing you down as you back away. it keeps him from getting in hammer range and allows you to get out safely sometimes.
  • @mrjuicy9565
    Orisas javelin is not only a push back stun, it cancels a lot of abilities and ults which is rly good. I mean u can block the rein charging in or canceling stigmas ult and other stuff
  • @BikkeBane
    One thing you missed that adds to the power of Self Destruct is just how effective it is as a zoning tool. Even if you don’t get kills with bombs, it will at least force the enemies to react to it and potentially go out of a good position.
  • It's nice to hear about the Reinhardt earth shatter nerf. I didn't know about this and was playing Reinhardt today and completely missed a pin because the Reaper got up early. I literally said to my team the Shatter must have gotten shortened, because I knew I should have had just another moment longer to be able to connect the pin. But he got away clean and then wiped my team.
  • @docbuckets5923
    Rein feels crazy good right now at low levels, especially when paired with kiriko and/or lucio
  • @turbiini1328
    One tip for Orisa's ult is to either combo it with other ults such as death blossom.
    If there aren't any ults available to combo it with DON'T panic press the use button, if you keep charging her ult all the way to the end people often don't expect it and walk into the radius while you're still charging the ult. It's also a great way to create some space.
  • @zuurek6907
    One thing I noticed with orisa is that you can cancel your javelin spin instantly with a javelin throw, and if you are already pushing an enemy forward with the spin, the javelin always hits and seems to carry them backwards even further than normal, making the wall pin combo easier to land
  • This video may make me come back from Hiatus. Always loved playing as Hamtaro. I can understand the 2 star "Fun Factor" for some but for me being a menace was amazing in OW 1. Also loved playing Diva. And I remember trying to get above 75% hook accuracy with hog.
  • @DrB1900
    Fun to watch. As a dVa main, it's nice to see her get some love.
  • @hydroviperking1115
    Flats being chill is so cursed it’s like watching someone’s videos from like 7 years ago.
  • @Poldx
    great video! love the background music :D
    Myself being a Reinhardt player, having Kiriko in the enemy team cleansing the shatter stun is really annoying, BUT having her on your team and getting your swing speed boosted while walking through the kitsune rush is SO GOOD! It's so much fun :D