The COMPLETE Guide To All Overwatch 2 Tanks

Published 2022-10-05
Excited to release this Overwatch 2 Tank Guide to help both beginners and experts understand how to play tank in Overwatch 2. In this Overwatch 2 guide you'll learn about all the different tank heroes, who's the best tank in OW 2, weakest tank, how to play them in different scenarios and who I think will be meta and pairs well with other heroes. Consider this the go-to beginner and expert Overwatch 2 guide to tanking for heroes Junker Queen, Doomfist, Reinhardt, Zarya, Orisa, Sigma, Wrecking Ball, Winston, Dva, Roadhog. As always though, the best way to learn how to tank in Overwatch 2 is to play the game - so get out there and grind!

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0:00 Introduction
0:50 Junkerqueen
5:26 Doomfist
10:00 Reinhardt
16:26 Zarya
19:57 Orisa
24:02 Sigma
27:10 Wrecking Ball
30:45 Winston
35:10 DVA
40:06 Roadhog

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All Comments (21)
  • @WhatEnigma
    “Its not about winning, its about psychological warfare” - Flats quote of 2022😂😂
  • @timberland3220
    I love Orisa’s new kit, but her ultimate needs some serious work, maybe even get a completely new one. I always thought it would be cool if her ultimate placed fortify on every player on your team, that fits with her brawl play-style and would signal to your team to initiate a team fight.
  • @chezchetterz5226
    Doomfists charge punch can also cancel ultimates like Moira's and Reapers, so that's some very very slight extra utility. Which is kinda helpful since moira's are pretty common
  • @NevanSlone
    JunkerQueen 100% feels like she was designed to be an off tank.
  • @InsaneAlec
    I didn't play OW1, but playing Orissa in OW2 is what has kept me playing. I didn't expect to have so much fun. Frequently when playing with my friends I'll just burst into laughter from getting a good spear kill, the spear feels so good to hit.
  • @maxzett
    Honestly DVA is still one of the best tanks IMO.
    I genuinely love her.
    About 70% of damage usually comes from projectiles. Being bale to block that is really really nice.
    Plus she is fast and can escape because of her booster packs.
    Love her tbh
  • @docbuckets5923
    Rein feels crazy good right now at low levels, especially when paired with kiriko and/or lucio
  • @BikkeBane
    One thing you missed that adds to the power of Self Destruct is just how effective it is as a zoning tool. Even if you don’t get kills with bombs, it will at least force the enemies to react to it and potentially go out of a good position.
  • @deniboy1806
    This whole video was so well written and conducted, I couldn't help myself to just keep watching the entire thing on one go. I had plans to clean the house but it all went down the drain with your video. Keep up the quality content, Flats. Stay awesome.
  • @theoreminegaming
    For sigma's movement potential, his ult lets him reposition as well as recover if knocked into an environmental hazard, and you can use rock as a pseudo-rocketjump.
  • @zuurek6907
    One thing I noticed with orisa is that you can cancel your javelin spin instantly with a javelin throw, and if you are already pushing an enemy forward with the spin, the javelin always hits and seems to carry them backwards even further than normal, making the wall pin combo easier to land
  • @AlphalanceVO
    Big thing I didn't hear you mention about Junkerqueen's kit is you don't need to pull the knife back immediately. If you leave it in the target it will continue to do bleed damage and you will regenerate while that happens. It's a great way to help her last in fights or finish off fleeing targets while you reload.
  • @Tomas_2555
    I think Orisa is absolutely amazing and her improvements have helped so much with making her a good tank. The new abilities are really good at tanking damage and defending teammates
  • @jakesanchez901
    I think doom's ult should have either more of a radius or two charges, one to see where people are and then you can slam again to actually achieve higher damage
  • I think Orisa's E gives more movement than you give her credit for. While it does only speed you up when moving forward you can, hear me out, turn towards where you need to go. Many times able to just barely get behind some cover with the little extra speed boost to get away from a DVA ult or more often then not realize you have over-extended and dip out. Also gives her a great way to engage her ultimate, which I think is way more useful than you give it credit for. Surely, better than Doomfists at least.
  • @braxxtothemaxx2418
    This was so informative. Since starting overwatch 2, there have been so many tanks like Rein, Orisa, doom, and sigma that I just couldn't grasp, forcing me to stick to the tanks that I already knew and understood. This video helped me so much in filling out my overall knowledge of the ow2 tank roster and I can't wait to use this knowledge to improve my counter picking capabilities and overall gameplay performance.
  • @iratevagabond204
    I feel like Rein's mobility should be a 2/2.5 due to the cancel. Since you have a Lucio by you already, switching to speed and CD reduction can allow you to clear open spaces pretty quickly. When you give that call out for speed, your moira pushes a healing orb in the direction you're going, and it travels with you. Then you reset when the enemies start coming back from spawn.
  • @jrvin736
    give Junker Queen a 5% damage reduction on top of self healing for each enemy wounded and I think survivability will be boosted a lot and would actually be worth E'ing multiple targets and knifing the ground to get multiple wounds
  • @olympichero4092
    Man, the Kiriko at 42:20 performed really good, like totally carried the fight for the enemy team. I wanna be able to do that too, very well done video btw Flats, more of this please.