Published 2022-11-17
What is the Roblox Oof? Where did the Roblox Oof come from? Who made the Roblox Oof? Where am I, Roblox Oof? Can you help me?

Guinness World Records:
Dinosaur Statue Collection:
Official Skateboard Sound Compilation:

00:00:00 Intro
00:03:51 Messiah Is Weird (And Here's Why)
00:07:51 Tommy Tallarico
00:11:31 The Amico Disaster
00:18:06 Tommy Wants Money
00:29:46 The End (Normal People Stop Watching Here)
00:32:30 So, Who Really Made the Oof?
00:48:51 Tommy's Lies
01:00:24 So, About Those Guinness World Records
01:23:26 The Tallarico Event Horizon
01:35:22 Crime Time
01:43:57 Conclusion
01:54:28 Credits

Female Credit: Excavating Recognition for the Capcom Sound Team
by Andrew Lemon and Hillegonda C. Rietveld…

The Street Fighter LadyInvisibility and Gender in Game Composition
also by Andy Lemon and Hillegonda C Rietveld

Music (will update with more when I escape from the pit):

"The Entertainer" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

[End credit music] "Professor Umlaut" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

Captions by: Kaylyn Saucedo

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  • @joeydecunha
    Disappointed that you weren't able to verify the claim that Tommy's mother is proud of him.
  • I’m so glad this got the traction it did. I knew about Tommy through the Amico debacle because of its coverage on the CU Podcast. It was so clear to me that he is a man who makes his living telling people what they want to hear, and never meaning a word of it. I’m just so glad that more people than just the listeners of that podcast can learn just how much of an absolute scumbag this guy is. I would absolutely love to see his legacy continue to crumble
  • If the Amico becomes an actual thing, every game available for the console will be added to Tommy’s list of games he’s worked on.
  • @iocomposer
    This was just brilliant. TT isn't a topic worthy of this kind of journalistic masterwork, but I'm so grateful that you did it. Those of us who have been in the game audio industry since the 90s have always known this guy as a massive snake-oil salesman but now the hard facts are out there thanks to you. Bravo.
  • @jackalope1926
    I had no idea who Tommy was before the video but it is super satisfying to see his cardboard career completely and utterly dismantled
  • @va-ni-lla
    This has probably already been mentioned in the comments, but I'll add to it too.
    Americans have been contributing to Sonic since the very first game.
    While initially designed by Naoto Oshima, a Japanese Sonic Team member, Sonic's design was tweaked by Americans before it was finalized. You could consider it collaborative.
    And then James Martin, an American illustrator redisgned him again for the American promotional and box art. This was all for the very first Sonic game in 1991.
    If you wanna keep it strictly to music, 1993's Sonic CD had a new soundtrack composed by Spencer Nilsen for the American release of the game.
    Spencer's American, and he made that soundtrack before Sonic 3 came out.
    So... don't know what Tommy's on about.
  • I'm just glad OSHA has finally got people taking guardrail violations seriously
  • @VirtualBoy500
    Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Joey has actually broken the most baseball bats in a minute.
  • @nyanpasu4060
    It's pleasant knowing the one lie that would upend Tommy's decades of lies was Roblox of all things. What a time to be alive.
  • @MScotty90
    I find it strangely hilarious how he hasn’t hung any of those Guinness records up on his wall. He’s so proud of them and just has them sitting on the floor.
  • @reach7020
    As someone who currently works in game voiceover, I can say for almost certain that Tommy’s “recollection” of the recording and editing process for the oof sound is comically suspect at best. While I can’t speak for every studio and/or engineer. I can assure that it’s extremely unlikely that anyone, Tommy OR Joey, would remember a single detail about a throwaway grunt sound 20 years ago.

    I’ve edited thousands of lines of voiceover, and I wouldn’t be able to recall lines of dialogue I worked on a week ago, let alone decades ago. Not unless it was unique or significant somehow.

    And the sad part is that most audio engineers know this. Tommy doesn’t have to lie to a group he is already a (untrustworthy) authority in but his compulsiveness just won’t let him stop.
  • The amount of research that went into this and the way you weaved all the complex pieces together into an understandable and cohesive story here is incredible.
  • @jakesmith2856
    I personally wanna thank Tommy Tallarico for making this video. I hope he adds it to his resume.
  • @mellojoe9421
    Tommy seems like the kind of person who would say as a kid, “my uncle works at Nintendo”.
  • @lexbro95
    Honestly justice for Joey, but also I really appreciate and look up to the research process done for these types of videos.

    This is how “doing your own research” should be but sadly often isn’t
  • hearing this guy talk and act exactly like my car salesman dad in the first bit of the video and immediately distrusting him then getting to watch the next hour of tearing down every lie he’s told was nothing short of cathartic
  • I sang in a video games live concert once! They scouted people from my high school chorus and a local church choir. The performance was unpaid, but it was a fun experience. I met Tommy Talarico (without knowing who he was until now except "a guy who worked on a lot of games") and asked him for advice on getting into video game VA. He just kinda looked at me weird and gave some half-baked answer that essentially amounted to "I don't know", which honestly was fair.
  • @wihts8814
    Looking at the records again it seems that the only record Tommy Tallarico has currently is Most video game concerts performed. This means that Guinness removed yet another record of Tommy's. Meaning someone from the company must have saw this video and then proceeded to remove another one of his records.
  • If we paid Guinness enough, do you think they would give Tommy a record for Most Prolific Liar About Video Game Sound Effects And Music?
  • I'm so jealous of your/your team's ability to research. It's incredible. Someone needs to make a course on this stuff!

    Can't believe I watched a 2-hour video. Your mother must be very proud.