Among us VR was a mistake

Published 2022-11-21

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  • Aimaan Khan
    ''Theatre kid energy ''
    ''Vtubers right?''
  • CloverMilk
    I thought it was some random kid, but it was just ironmouse. I stand corrected
  • FizzzyCat
    Luds “running” killed me 💀
  • Anhar E.m
    Sykkuno : My wHoLe LiFe wAs a LiE!!!💀
  • ❆Đông❆
    The scream Pink made tells us more than words can do.
  • N
    Ironmouse's scream was so real
    "You got some hands"
    Instantly dies
  • Sahil Ithape
    I joined the stream at this part and I was like "IS THAT MOUSE!?" and then "Awww they're shaking hand- OOP"
  • Golden paladin
    I didn’t know it was iron mouse untill she screamed
  • JustIvan
    "How is this running"
    Nah man, a few assets aren't loading in just wait for it
  • ABVW92
    Lol, how did I know that was mousey from just the heavy breathing...
    Also, why does Lud running have that T pose feeling.
  • Bro i said the same thing when he killed John in another short. They were talking about how they cant see hands and then ludwig killed john and the animation showed luds hands snapping the neck and I went “well now he can see them” and my wife stared at me like I had lost my shit
  • Uzume RR4
    Really thought lud was gonna walk up to pink and kill her but say “now you are.” Right before he kills her and risk the sykkuno report
  • Gage LeSouder
    “I think I was about to be killed”
    “By who?”
    scream of the damned
  • Veronicz
    For some reason my brain imagined,
    Heavy breathing then
    "By whom" as she is running away into the distance
  • That one theater kidding class The one theater kid mixed with the person in class who never finishes their sentences and never answers your questions