When you get Eminem for a verse now

Published 2022-11-17
Look we love ‘Em he a legend Fr 🙏🏾 we just making jokes Fr LOL and he do be playing around on some verses man

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  • @bensheets9282
    “You know how them verses are, they grow on you”

    I’m dying
  • Mark's physical comedy is top tier, and the bounce off between Leland and Mark is always awesome!!!
  • @Skux720
    Ass rash from these facts I'm wrap-packing them
    Backing them, black-blacker than rap, and I'm rap happening
    Wrapping a real app tap on a back of the backpack
    And I dap him, tap-tap on a back of an alpaca and a vacuum
    A yak where we at can't come, camp on a map
    And I'm trapping them, and dapping them, platinum, drag on them, tracking them
    Rack and go back to them, back on them, grab on them, grappling
    My eyes go fast on the path on the past I'm baffling
    Matter or master of fact I'm the fact of fashion
  • The cameraman filming this deserves mad respect. He had to memorize and hit more cues than any of the actors.
  • @jmargoku2138
    Eminem’s last line saying “Ion really like rap but I’m taxin em” and Jay glaring at Ben after then got me in tears 😭🤣🤣
  • You know Mark has always been funny but I swear the other guys have gotten so much better over the years.
  • I can only imagine how hard it was for them to shoot this without laughing. 💀
  • These guys are so talented they should make full length episodes. This stuff is so hilarious!
  • "I don't really like rap, but I'm taxin' em" 😂😂😂😂😂😂 that's a golden line
  • @TriniCless10
    "Eminem, Starburst, skittles!" gets me every time lmao
  • I'm a Em fan but this made my day! Mark's reaction to the Money being gone was priceless! 😂😭💸
  • @tryagain6328
    Mark’s facial expressions always get me 😂😂
  • @leebrown5193
    They got to get these boys their own show now 😂🤣🤣 every time I see something new I'm dying laughing
  • I still understood the whole verse and he still made you feel like a guest on your own track
  • @dejav420
    Everything they make is gold. Marks facial expressions always take me over the edge 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Mark makes any over-reaction look natural. This man is a genius.
  • @Sazkuki
    The fact the song actually got 'clearer' on second play is such a nice detail after he mention lyricism
  • @noyce8047
    These dudes got more comedy in a minutes skit than some comedies movie could do in 2 hours nowadays.
  • It's wonderful to see the group come back together. I hope by the end of this year the group is in one again and we're back to good times, combined with modern video's. :-)