Mario Kart 8 Deluxe — Booster Course Pass - Wave 3 Release Date - Nintendo Switch

Published 2022-11-21
Start your engines! Wave 3 of the #MarioKart 8 Deluxe - Booster Course Pass arrives 12/7! Available for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members at no additional cost, or on its own as paid DLC.…

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All Comments (21)
  • @leonilion7758
    Hearing Maple Treeway's soundtrack was like a sucker punch of nostalgia to the gut. Would love to see Koopa Cape added in a future wave!

    Edit: Now that I've played it, I think this is the best wave yet. All the tracks are awesome. Oh, and freaking HALF-PIPES are back! Which reminds me... PLEASE bring back DK Summit.
  • @TimeBucks
    That Rainbow Road is absolutely stunning!
  • Dear Nintendo crew,

    I wanted to say thanks for bringing back my favorite Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 7 back to Mario Kart 8. It was a very beautiful Course in my childhood and was always my favourite rainbow road of all time. When Mario Kart 8 was released, I was first a bit sad, because the course wasn’t there any more. But than the DLC has made everything well, when wave 3 was shown. So thank you, thousand times, thank you!!!
  • @nblack2867
    Never owned 7 but had a chance to play it a couple of times. My understanding from people who did is that its rendition of Rainbow Road is a pretty good one.
  • @cool_ib5459
    Nintendo continuing to massively glow up the GBA tracks and I absolutely love that.
  • I REALLY hope they have DS rainbow road later on, the anti grav with all those twists and that loopty loop would be PERFECT.
  • These courses are getting progressively better and better with each wave. It's awesome to see Nintendo taking people's feedback into account.
  • @connorkingme
    Okay these look absolutely beautiful. But I can’t be the only one needing some more double dash representation please! Daisy Cruiser, DK Mountain, Dino Dino Jungle, Wario Colosseum. So many great ones
  • @kedo
    It’s so good to see old courses being brought back, i had a WII console so seeing Maple Treeway , peach gardens is a huge blast of nostalgia
  • @JohnRedWolf87
    We might not be getting N64 Banshee Boardwalk, but GBA Boo Lake makes up for it!
    Excited to play more Mario Kart tracks!
  • @user-qo6wq4pp2k
    Was hoping for an original map but still looking forward to this next wave
  • @harry4596
    Fun fact: GBA boo lake is the first course in 8 years (since the original 32 released in 2014) that has an underwater section.
  • @Keebetheplush
    The fact we’re getting 3DS rainbow road with this is amazing
  • Can’t wait to play maple 🍁 treeway. Loved that course as a a kid.
  • Just found out about these courses coming out today, can’t wait to go home and try them out
  • As a MK7 Vet Player it be nice to see this again

    maple treeway looks like a nice oak area to trotter on very woodlike

    and the new tracks I'll be looking on tryin out I will London Loop and Berlin Byways are both a smashing good time. hmm no toad's factory at the moment, but I will not give up hope either way looking forward to the next round of races on Dec (if I'm not to busy with me Fam.)
  • @johny1220
    So nice seeing some maps from Mario Kart Wii come back, like: Maple Treeway and Peach Gardens.. ahh nostalgia man 😭
  • @Dartnix
    I am so glad they brought back Rainbow Road and Rock Rock Mountain
  • @VOAN
    I'm happy to not only see Boo Lake return but the fact that they actually update it to make it look and feel like an actual lake this time. In the GBA original it basically is just another ghost valley track similar to Broken Pier.
  • @seos4157
    Gracias nintendo por las nuevas pistas 👍