Eternal Generator #Generator #FreeEnergy

Published 2022-11-21

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  • The hardest part about making a battery is finding where to hide the perpetual motion machine.
  • Chris Ballen
    The key to this eternal generator is the rooster crowing in the background.
  • Vicente Rendo
    "The biggest challenge on an eternal energy machine is hiding the batteries"
  • Покуда есть на свете дураки, обманом жить нам стало быть с руки! (С).
  • Armin R.
    Second law of thermodynamics has left the chat
  • Surik Eginyan
    Как однажды сказал один доктор, главное сделать всё очень быстро и запутано, чтобы физика не поняла, что её наебали)
  • Sevy M.
    It can even be used as an alarm clock with the rooster sound....😢😂
  • Alberto SM
    Rooster says: "this is not what you thiiiiiink"
  • TheFireBroz
    If you do not want to be bullied by the internet, don’t claim to have discovered eternal or perpetual energy.
  • JOHN EREN tv
    Hardest part is to have one of these in the middle of the dessert
  • 나는 이영상을 보고 뚜껑이 열렸다 왜냐하면 닭 울음소리에 기계장치는 문과와 이과의 조합이 너무 신선해서입니다
  • Tommy Worth
    The hardest part about creating a free energy device is hiding the batteries. - Electroboom
    Der Moment wenn ein Schüler von Früher einen Lehrer eine Empfehlung gibt. Kann man auch nur machen wenn man sich gut auskennt. Super Video 👍
  • stacey adams
    Okay can I attach that to my AC unit in the summer, PLMK!🧐💕
  • Lewis
    "The biggest challenge on an eternal energy machine is having to read the same quote being commented every time you see one in a YouTube short"
  • ..Скоро все, после апокалипсиса, и не только, перейдут на похожие виды энергии 🤭👍
  • every time i see a video like this i can't unheard the " this is elon mosk"