Published 2022-10-05
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The Phoenix Suns defeated the Los Angeles Lakers, 119-115. Devin Booker recorded 22 PTS and 3 REB for the Suns, while Chris Paul (13 PTS, 10 AST) and Landry Shamet (21 PTS, 2 AST) combined for 34 PTS in the victory. LeBron James tallied a game-high 23 PTS (8-11 FG), along with 3 REB and 4 AST for the Lakers in the losing effort. The Suns improve to 1-1 in the NBA Preseason, while the Lakers fall to 0-2

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  • Stay Hopeful7
    Seeing Pat and Russ on the same team is just bonkers
  • J Astrology
    Lakers definitely got better. They played defense! Tons of blocks and rebounding was on point. You can just see Darvin Ham smiling
  • Rez
    Wow Austin Reaves is a game changer for the Lakers from a facilitating stand point. The Lakers took a big hit losing Alex Caruso’s passing game. Austin Reaves brings a balance that the Lakers desperately needed.
  • Random guy
    I am so excited for the NBA season to finally start !!! So many stars coming back
  • zzz
    Kendrick Nunn was a beast in Miami ... glad to see he still got it
  • These are not the same Lakers as last year. They's putting in way more effort than last season. This will be a good season.
  • Crius XI
    When the first unit plays, the Lakers ball movement and pace actually looks good. They have technically won the first half in both games as they bench their main guys in the 2nd.
  • J Astrology
    Suns bench showed up. Landale’s behind the back Magic Johnson style layup was insane. Can’t wait to see more from him
  • Jordan Jackson
    This laker team looks different this year. Much more effort and pace. They might be fun to watch this year
  • Xottic 2k
    Reaves is definitely someone we want to keep for years to come💯 and Nunns game looks smooth, hope he can stay healthy. Lakers might have an actual chance this year if everyone can stay healthy
  • Nes ~
    What a great game!👏
    Congrats both teams!☝️
  • NumbersAndSports
    Don't lose that culture on the bench Lakers, it'll be a huge factor through out the season. Support eachother and that's a major win for building a championship team.
  • lethalexponent 6
    That was an amazing game for the Lakers they definitely improved and their only issues are perimeter defense and three point scoring but that inside game is crazy, I think they’re just holding back tho since this is preseason
  • Haloti Leakona
    I’m not gonna lie this the lakers I’ve been waiting for defense an not lacking LA💯
  • Msmianmian
    No doubt lakers improve after letting go of the older players. Suns is still finding the right rythm. Even though its a win. They could still improve their chemistry. Go suns!
  • raylaxo
    I can’t wait to see Reeves through the regular season, he is going to be great! I really can’t wait to see how this Beverly and Westbrook duo is going to work.
  • wesley priela
    Lakers lost but love their offense now compared to last year. Seems more fluid, no forced shots, short passes, and nothing fancy. Want to see more of these in the regular season.
  • Levi Supremacy
    The Lakers look way better going into the season better chemistry and russ looks good. Can't wait for the regular season! Congrats to the Suns they also look really good. Lets go Lakers!