Minecraft Live 2022: Vote for the Tuff Golem!

Published 2022-10-06
Meet the tuff golem, a statue with a twist – it comes alive! When the tuff golem awakens, it will walk around, pick up, and hold any item it comes across. Don’t worry, it will return to the same spot that you’ve placed it when it turns back into a statue. It may be a work of art, but you’re the designer!

Vote for your favorite mob on Minecraft.net/, the Minecraft launcher, or in a special Bedrock server! Voting opens on October 14, noon EDT giving you 24 hours to make your voice heard. Read more about the mob vote at Minecraft.net/live

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  • Coley
    Can we just agree that mojang REALLY wants to add a golem to the game?
  • MasonK
    With so many cool mobs over the years of voting; it’d be nice if one year we had a vote between some mobs that didn’t win. Like a second chance to get them in the game
  • Heb1
    Imagine trying to craft something, realizing you forgot one of the ingredients, and this guy just brings it to you.
  • Michael R
    Art exibit is just one of the potential aesthetics you can pull off with the tuff golem. With its customizable clothes (poncho?) you can make them match the various environments and roles in a number of ways. They can be part of a factory lineup, walking around with various ores in hand, be store clerks, waiters at a restaurant, servants of a castle holding weapons for a knight, villagers assistant... and probably much more.

    Even without a clear utility they bring in a lot of liveliness to the world being able to move items around as if they were other people carrying things. in some ways its just a display pedestal, but its also a blank slate type of mob that you can use to populate the world to simulate numerous scenarios.

    I honestly think aesthetic mobs are underrated. We have so much in the way of automation and utility I think we could do with a little more focus on making world builds more alive. Of course there plenty of potential with some utility if there were a way to get tuff golems to deposit their items, or retrieve things from a dispenser... but im sure plenty of others will have their own thing to say on that.

    Would they act as a solid block when they sleep? could we walk on them if that happened? could another golem sleep on another golem? You could probably make an interesting totem pole of Golems if they can stack on one another. Totem Golem confirmed? It would help if we could right click the golem to control when it wanders and sleeps. Since it returns to sleep at the spot it was originally made then spawning multiple in the same spot would be one way to make them stack on each other (what a wild platform that would become). Imagine the guy who'd go out of his way to make a secret platform out of golems that are locked away and only reveal the path when they are allowed to go back to their sleeping spot.

    I'll stop dreaming as I have a bad feeling Tuff golem wont be winning :(
  • They are esthetically pleasing. Imagine like a dinner party with players and these like the waiters
  • Sayem XM
    Jeb screaming has sent chills of pure fear down my spine
  • I want this one or the flower one. They are both cool and very unique, especially the flower one, plus it could lead to a plains update with new flowers that we greatly need
  • beanbug
    I think it's so cute how you can give them a cloak to wear when you build them! So cute! It's gonna be a tough choice between the sniffer and golem :D
  • Rays Works
    This golem actually has more uses than the Copper Golem from last year. But still lacking redstone wise. :(
  • Russell Fox
    The dev's are killing it. So much better than some random person on stage
  • serdy ximi
    If only we got all three, these are definitely my favorite set of mobs.
  • ibxtoycat
    Between this and the copper golem, I get the impression someone on the team wants to have a cute player created mob that moves around randomly. Btw! There's lots of information about these mobs that's isn't stated in the trailers but is important to know before voting :)
  • Alphavirus
    It feels so weird not to see Jeb disappear from existence when he screams
  • Gilad Barlev
    Love the idea of movable item frames. But you know how else Mojang could have given us this? By letting us place Armor Stands in Minecarts.
  • Honestly, I think this is my favorite, though I know it probably won't get picked. One, like I felt with the Copper Golem, it'd be so cool to have proper statues for builds, but on top of that, these also double as item displays. We don't really have options for displaying special items other than item frames, which aren't super great for presentation, so this would be really nice to have.

    I would like to know more about how they work, though. Would you set them to go to certain spots? It'd be kinda unhelpful if they just wandered around and set up shop wherever they felt like, because then they'd just scatter around your base. The animation makes me think they eventually go back, but it's always a tossup on how accurate the animations are, seeing as how the Glow Squid having hypnosis was just for show.

    All that said, the Sniffer is definitely close second.
  • M.O.D.
    So here are our options: More plants, a game of hide and seek, and living item holders.
  • IIeyechiefII
    What looks to be new are the Golems, which will probably hold items and go back to being a statue... maybe we could direct them to go stand somewhere... and move the items to some other place. They're might also be a new block of some sort that allows you to display your items. As they talked about the museun... and maybe even hats