This dog’s reaction going to a chiropractor is hilarious 😂 @Boneshands

Published 2022-11-22

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  • This dog has been raised with unquestioned love. Look at the amount of trust he has with chiro doctor. Totally relatable
  • Comedy!
    "Did, did you..... did you just try and kill me bro??" - that dog
  • jelly
    "yoo hes petting me! how sweet"
    "......... did i die?"
  • God IsGood
    The dog literally astral planed, and re-entered his body just to discover he still had his ball sack, then joyfully smiled knowing he can still hump his master’s pillow while he is at work.
  • Why does this doggo look like he’s the sweetest most loving little fur ball? I’m not even much of a dog lover, but my heart is melting! What a good boy 💜💜💜
  • BadFunny
    He’s like “oh shi what just happened”
  • AJ
    "...I like yo face, I'll let you slide" 💀
  • Ali Dez
    “Oh. I thought I died for a second. Hey, that feels a lot better. What type of sorcery is this?”
  • Mason Lane
    And he gave him a smile*
    Didn’t know dogs can smile too
  • “This dog was expecting a bone but this guy gave a dog an entirely different bone unexpectedly”
  • Frummel
    I know how that dog feels, had my neck cracked before. Scary and heavenly at the same time
  • keelabear
    “where am I bro did u restart me up?”-dog
  • “I hope I’ll get well”
    “Did that feel good?”
    “I’m scared..”
  • bun
    damn bro thanks for the advice, did the same for my dog and now shes so comfortable that she has been sleeping for 2 days now!!
  • Jess A
    “Am I ok?”

    Yes buddy❤
  • Apolaki PH
    Gotta give credits to the owner. That's a well behaved boy, letting him touch him like that and smiling after was adorable.
  • Decypha
    Rottweilers are simultaneously able to look cute and menacing at the same time.