I Tried Walmart's Terrifying Metaverse Experience

Published 2022-11-22
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All Comments (21)
  • That one guy
    Danny and drew both doing drastically strange things with their hair so people can finally tell them apart
  • A Normal Dude
    Danny stuggling in an obstacle course for children is funny as hell
  • That’s crazy that Walmart can advertise directly to children, without transparency, with impunity
  • Oh wow! As a British child I can finally experience the American shopping experience! I bet Walmart will 100% be looking like this in real life, how cool!
  • ashley
    its so hilarious to me how danny manually searched for the game instead of just searching up the name
  • yeet hiTTTer
    Walmart referring to children as Young Shoppers feels so dystopian it's actually hilarious
  • yoongiverse
    Watching Danny fail horribly at probably one of the easiest obbies I’ve ever seen is hilarious
  • Sophia Miller
    I love that the whole point of the metaverse is to not interact with people by not being in a real Walmart, yet they made an employee talk to you constantly
  • Mariah M
    The only way I can imagine a Walmart vr experience being fun is if you could just run around the store and mess around with the items however you please, but somehow I can't imagine them going for that
  • Pleasence
    If you go to Walmart virtually then you'll miss out on that delicious stale cigarette smell as you walk into a real Walmart, and that's really a touch of charm I can't let go of.
  • How did they manage to make Walmart feel more hellish than it already is
  • Aa Kk
    Danny purposely pissing off someone that’s very likely a kid is way too hilarious 😂
  • Capin91
    I love how Noah clearly recorded that at like, his kitchen table. Someone really should’ve said ‘Hey, when you record this throw a colored sheet behind you and we’ll just key that out and b’bam you’re anywhere. Just def don’t wear all the same color as your background, whatever you do’😂
  • Kedo
    I love how it "verifies" your age based on the age of your account but half of the children lie about their age, so Walmart is selling children alcohol
  • When I was working at Walmart we weren't allowed to fight the customers, but I'm happy to hear the company is finally listening to the requests of its employees.
  • Shopping for groceries should definitely have an ambient horror feel to it imo
  • Watching Danny have no idea what he’s doing in a game I’ve been playing with I was 9 is literally my new favorite thing💀
  • the most unrealistic part of this metaverse is the fact that their shelves are fully stocked and all the items are in the right place