Buy an Electric Hologram Machine

Published 2022-11-21

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    “This beluga whale loves prancing children” 💀
    Imagine forgetting it's a a spinning thingy and you touched it 💀
  • bunnix
    "Welcome to the LNN! Also known as: Late Night News!
    Today we have a Beluga Whale trying to be Glug Glug 3000."
  • W3T_WlPES
    "weird fun things"
    That sounds like my kind of toy ;)
  • Mr. IdK
    *eats kids head
    "Its just a prank bro 💀"
  • FearsomeLAG
    Him: "how is that possible" me: "it's not"
  • SteepZeus85
    We do a bit of trolling
    The trolling: bites kids heads off
  • audri brennan
    I went to an airport in Atlanta and they had that to say “no weapons allowed”
  • PJ Henry
    Me with friends: yo go touch the hologram

    Edit: forgot I don’t have friends
  • Gumbo
    Asian neighbor could could balance anything, I believe it because I’ve seen it lol
  • Josh Gork
    Oh look, this video is my ADHD personified.
  • jimi9999mx
    Desk on a bottle is a sutentation point idk if thats correct with sustentación point but is the equilibrio center of an object