MURDER DRONES - Episode 2: Heartbeat

Published 2022-11-18

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    AHHHHH Thank you so much for watching WE HOPE YOU LIKED IT!! Its honestly all because of you guys that this season could happen 💙
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  • AbyssalVoice_VT
    Okay, I’m gonna be honest. That bit where the crime scene started disappearing actually sent chills down my spine. That’s terrifying
  • Pete Grady
    Most shows that feature comedy and horror elements tend to overdo the comedy and dilute the horror or fall into overused tropes. This episode effortlessly threads the needle. Funny when it needs to be but creepy as hell. The bit where they fire the flare and you get that momentary glimpse of just how big this thing is was a wonderfully scary moment!
  • Blue
    so lemme get this straight, the disassembly drones we are introduced to in the first episode used to be butler drones, and something happened to them or they were repurposed to be the drones we see now? thats how i see it at least, cant wait to see the rest of the story unfold

    side note, anyone else notice how, despite episode 1 establishing that they repair themselves via weird liquid metal, this weird creature that one of the drones became is probably a result of TOO MUCH damage, even developing weird fleshy bits like ribs, flesh, and a human looking hand
  • VlanceXYT
    Why is seeing V just casually blowing bubbles while being chained for all eternity so adorable💀
  • British YunJin
    This can't be the same video when they go from calling parent-teacher conferences cringe to a sci fi horror series
  • The telekinetic girl I’m guessing is one of the reasons the disassembly bots are there and Uzi has some of that power. Probably a building experiment gone wrong and the people grew scared and are trying to erase something they perceive as a threat to them.I also feel like few, if any, of the robots there know of this.
  • Oran93Fox
    I love how forgiving everyone is to N. Its nice to see everyone treating him correctly.
  • I like how they work with different forms of horror. The spire of corpses was good body horror (I think), and this one appeared more focused on psychological horror. I’m also liking how they put more focus on the horror aspect, since Liam does scary things expertly well.
  • The amount of detail that they put into this series is incredible and also very smart. It gives the community time to look at the hints and puzzles and theorize about what's coming next while the creators work on the next episodes. This is top quality content. I can't wait for the next episode.
  • Sally Carter
    The Bio-Mechanical horror in this is Phenomenal . Really has Liam SHINING through !
  • Zoider Amy
    This is getting more interesting, we saw a brief glimpse of the Absolute Solver in the pilot when N "died", and now it has come into play full force.

    At first I was wondering how the heart robot survived when the rest of J's upper body was seemingly obliterated, and why it was so organic looking. and then I got to thinking how they regenerate in the first place, as Uzi wondered as well. Perhaps they take advantage of what is around them to regenerate normally (worker drones), but this time glitched and made use of what could have remained of the humans in cryosleep? Or perhaps the absolute solver program was designed to start creating organic life when the disassembly drones had finished destroying the worker drones (and thus inevitably died themselves without oil), to restart a more natural ecosystem on the planet? Or perhaps the absolute solver was intended to be the ultimate solution to any kind of emergency, but had design flaws that led to it going rogue in the aftermath of such a catastrophic event? Perhaps it is even the cause...? Its shown to be a very intelligent, creative, and even cruel program capable of complex planning, and yet unlike the other AI we've seen it does not mimic human behavior in the same way, acting a lot more robotic/cold and with a more robotic voice too.

    After watching this again, there were some things that stuck out to me, "Attempting to repair /that/ host", "Sad that you don't remember us", "Easier to assimilate than explain"... now I'm really wondering what the Absolute Solver is? Its seems to be hinting that it is more than just a hive mind type virus, and may have something to do with all of the drones on the planet, both Worker and Disassembly drones.

    There are so many directions that they could take this, I'm excited to see more!
  • SMToon Hindi
    Love how N's dream (and his waking posture) further ties into the idea that the disassembly drones are robo-vampires. I remember someone who worked on this series said something along the lines of "the more we learn about the murder drones, the more disgusted we'll be with the people who sent them."
  • mak992
    It's terrifying. To suffer first from a threat from the outside and then, if I understand correctly, from one's own system, and in such a twisted, dark and frightening way is scary even as an idea. But GLITCH turned it into reality. Honestly, I really wasn't expecting a sequel to Murder Drones but this series greatly fuels interest and raises a lot of questions
  • Spoilers/Theories

    I don’t know if anyone has pointed it out already, but I find it really interesting how connected the Absolute Solver seems to be to Uzi and her family. I mean, aside from the obvious connection with Uzi’s mother, it appears to have some familiarity with Khan, given that it seemed to recognize him during its attempt at opening the door during the parent teacher conference. I also noticed that the Holo-Kahn it produced seemed to be wearing a different coat, which I initially brushed off as either it not being able to get its replicas 100% accurate or an animation error, but am now convinced may have been a replica of a younger Kahn from an earlier encounter, possibly the incident where he had to mercy kill Uzi’s mother. I also can’t help but think that J may have been the one to infect/corrupt Uzi’s programming and that Doll’s parents may have been victims of her’s, which could explain Doll’s connection, whatever it may be, to the Absolute Solver program as well. Just food for thought, this was all sort of a spur of the moment thing I just came up with and was wondering if others had similar ideas or thoughts about.

    I’ve seen a few people point out that Uzi’s eyes flicker when in the presence of the Absolute Solver and that Doll’s do as well, although to a lesser degree. While this itself lends credence to all three parties being connected, what really stands out to me is that KAHN’S EYES can also be seen flickering in its presence, which implies that he might be infected too and that he probably knows more than he lets on. Given what little details we know about the circumstances of his wife’s death and the more troubling behaviors Uzi and Doll exhibit, I also can’t help but wonder if a potential infection (coupled with plenty of trauma) might be the explanation behind some of Kahn’s more questionable behaviors, such as his obsession with doors and aversion towards violence. My working theory on that is that he may possess the same/similar capabilities as Doll, and if that’s the case he could know about an inherent danger regarding it, such as prolonged usage causing greater levels of corruption to the user’s programming. With that said, I also can’t help but wonder if Doll is the reason behind her own parents’ deaths in some way or otherwise had a hand in the incident that took their lives.
    This show balances the humor and horror so well. Incredibly cool and terrifying monster combined with funny jokes and somehow both are super well done and don't outweigh the other. It's crazy
  • Xentrita
    oddly i feel like uzi could switch bodies and become a murder drone, because at the start it shows the main murder drones were workers at first, meaning they had some way to swap their body, and that special eye thing uzi has .. i dont know, it just feels like that would happen, hard to explain
  • It's interesting how they relied more on animation instead of motion capture this episode compared to the first one
  • Man of Truth
    Let’s hope this project succeeds. Liam has a lot of other projects that need to be fully realized.