hi, I'm Dream.

Published 2022-10-03
hi, I'm Dream, and this is what I look like.

After years of being completely faceless online, I finally decided to do a face reveal.

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GeorgeNotFound will be uploading a video of us meeting for the first time ever soon, so make sure to be ready for that...

thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate you all more than you could ever know.

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  • Ulanos
    this could of been quite literally be the biggest rick roll of the century
  • LoganGam3z
    He suits his voice, it’s usually hard to connect the voice with the person when listening without one for so long. It’s awesome that he’s feeling confident enough, I’m happy for him and his fans!
  • Tinker bbell3
    Everyone is talking about how he finally revealed his face, but the fact that he was able to hide it from the world for so long is really impressive too. Still, props to him.
  • XxIloveDucksxX
    I'm so happy to see ur face for the first time! Ur face is lovely❤ it's okay to be scared to show ur face :)
  • Great Emu
    Not gonna lie. Dreams voice definitely fits his face.
  • barti koks
    As a person who also has a face, I can confirm that this is 100% true
  • Colorful Credit
    I hope you and your friends have a good time, Dream. Look forward to seeing you all hang together.
  • Ur moms bestie
    really random but honestly impressive how y’all have been friends for so long and all are big
  • i dont watch dream but this dude has balls of steel to do this with his fanbase.
  • one of the best thing about dude is that he never credit for himself when he achives something he always respect us the audience and his team and he is polite in all his videos....we congrats ourselves on his achievements more to come ❤️❤️💯🇮🇳😘
  • vysterious
    Seeing Dream doing a face reveal just feels very unreal.
  • VvsTrix _
    He seems like such a genuine dude I could tell he was tearing up in the end of the video 🖤 W dream
  • Saffron B
    I watched the video when it premiered, and this is still so insane he actually did it
  • Benammar Salah
    thank you dream for all his years of happiness and speedrun. After all these years you showed your face. thank you really dream .