Life Update: Divorce and Moving on

Published 2022-11-22
Thank you for always being there for me.

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All Comments (21)
  • hippopajamas
    Alright everyone. Hannah isn't reading the comments, so let's all just agree: we are going to watch the SHIT out of glowmas. We're going to leave endless supportive comments and if she misses a day we aren't going to say a gd thing. We're going to make glowmas outperform all of her wildest dreams so that her imposter syndrome can't survive under the FACT that her subscribers believe in her.
  • I ran into Hannah in July at a restaurant and she was with a group of friends. She was so lovely! I was in shock of course because I love her channel and she was the most wonderful person ever. I would have not guessed in a million years she was right in the middle of all of this :( Breakups are so fucking hard - I wish everyone in the comments that are sharing their struggles the best! My 3 year relationship ended Christmas of 2021 and it was horrible, but for the best, and I am now realizing that and seeing the fruit of dedicating time to myself and my growth. I can't wait for Glowmas!!! 💕✨
    Sending you the biggest, warmest, most gentle hugs and support in the world. I think we can all agree, we’re just happy to see you existing. You’re such a blessing, whether you upload or not, share or not… just exist how you need to. All my love. 💙
  • GA Lady
    This video randomly appeared on my YouTube feed and here I am. I never heard of this channel before so my thoughts have no basis beyond this video and personal experiences. Hannah, you do you. It's not always 'one day at a time' - sometimes it's one step at a time or one minute at a time. I never married and never will - I am far too strong willed and opinionated. Marriage isn't bad - it's just not for me. I'm 72 so single is my normal. I believe your unexpected emotional reaction during the video may be due to this channel being YOUR creation. Obviously Charles helped you but this channel is a direct reflection of you. You poured so much of yourself into each video. It probably feels like an extension of yourself and that would be normal. Maybe someday you will read comments on this video. If not that is definitely understandable. You are stronger than you realize. You are a fierce warrior. Heavy duty life lessons often suck. You have endured a major, horrific 'Hoover' experience
  • Justin
    She truly had a tower card moment, happened to me too in 2021. When it rains, it pours. Stay strong, bad times don't last always! ❤
  • Mama Pajama
    I also married my 6 year partner on paper for legal purposes and planned a big wedding the following year, and three months before called the whole thing off and filed for divorce within the year. It’s a humbling life moment, to say the least. Almost a decade later we both have better partners for us and we are also proud we took the high road, the way we handled it. You will end up in a stronger relationship, but I walked that road and I feel for you. It wasn’t easy.
    I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years on Friday. We weren't married, but we lived together for 4 years, have pets together, the same social circles, etc. Videos like this are incredibly helpful, since it feels like no one in their twenties has been in a breakup leaving them single for the first time in their adult life 💔
  • G. C.
    The death analogy is 100% accurate. It’s so devastating, it really is a point of just grieving and feeling that lost. It’s hard especially when they’re gone, but it’s not a final loss. They just aren’t in your life anymore, but they’re still out there.
  • Sabrina Fannin
    My long term relationship got so nasty at the end. I envy you for being able to firmly say “I will never speak ill of him and he will never speak ill of me.” This guy texted our moms mid-drunken breakdown saying awful things about me, after I had done everything for him that night. I wish I had the peace of mind knowing it won’t happen again.
  • Sophia Miller
    I’m so sorry, divorces and breakups are pretty hard to go through especially when you go through a miscarriage the same year. This must be so hard for you, but just know that your fans are there for you and we love you❤❤
  • Iotaa
    My partner gave up on me 6 months after my Dad died. And trying to grieve them both has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Both of them were my support and the unconditional love I felt safe in, and there’s a part of me that feels like I’ll never be known like that again. I feel less valuable. It’s so lonely? But it’s so normal to feel awful where I am right now ❤
  • Lydia
    When she started talking about glowmas I teared up. I was 100% expecting her to say she’s not doing it this year. And I was totally fine with that too because damn we all need a break sometimes. I want us to normalize quitting lol. But when she just hit us with the news that glowmas is still on, I was just so touched at how strong and resilient she is in the face of all of this bs.
  • Katarina Meyer
    I broke up with my boyfriend of 5+ years this year. I didn’t tell people things unless they asked, or if it got brought up myself casually in conversation. You don’t owe anyone an explanation no matter how much people beg for it. It’s was your relationship, and it’s your divorce. It helped me so much to be able to work through things and not make it such a huge deal. We are all going through seasons of life that change all of the time. It’s now a new season. The love you have Charles was never wasted, nor was his love to you. You now get the chance to love yourself and and friends and literally everything else in life.
  • Dated a guy for nearly 6 years, another person after that for 2 years, then met my now husband who I’ve been with for 10 years. Relationships are weird and difficult things, and break ups and divorce are just like mourning another person passing away, but it’s also a death of an era. I wish nothing but the best for you and Charles, no matter together or not. 💕💕💕
  • Kailynn Lock
    Living with an ex after the breakup is so difficult. It’s like the relationship isn’t over in a way. You still see them in the house, and you talk to them everyday. Totally connect to the feeling of like crushing grief once they’re gone. I lived with my ex for 4 months after our breakup and I thought I’d processed our breakup but it’s like it started over again once I moved out. Sending you so much love. These last few years have been hell for us all.
  • i lost relationships with almost all of my support system—my entire friend group and one of my parents—in one month in 2020. i am so feeling for the kind of loss and grief hannah is experiencing. i can’t say i’ve bounced back yet, but i can say that life will go on and you will (at least in some ways) change for the better, and i hope anyone watching this video/reading this comment section will find some comfort in that. wishing hannah all the strength in the world 🖤
  • Melissa M
    Saw the title and immediately clicked. Whatever happened we are here to support you! Love you ❤️
  • Chanel Chic
    Just mutually broke up with by my girlfriend of 10 years who I knew for 14 years around my birthday. We were together when we were young teenagers, going through high school and college and moving in together as well. I’ve never been in another romantic relationship besides her and when we broke up I was very confused because I’ve spent my whole childhood with her and didn’t know what life looked like without her. God breakups are horrible, especially telling your family, people that were on the verge of buying outfits for a wedding that they thought was 100% coming up. Not only did I loose her, I lost her family and her friends who I’ve known for so long and have so many memories with dating back to 8th grade. It’s like loosing a chunk of yourself you didn’t know you could loose. It’s been 3 months since then and it still hurts but each day I feel a little more like me. I’m praying for you and your situation, this is a hard time for sure but there is nothing you can’t do
  • Riann Hale
    I hope this doesn't come off as a super fucked up thing to say- but I needed this video so badly this morning. You made me feel so much less alone, Hannah. There's no reason to explain my own situation here, and I won't ramble on- but thank you for being honest here and saying you had a fucking SHITTY year. You made it possible for me to just... say that, too, and be okay with it.
    I love you dearly, and we all believe in you. You're brilliant on your own, and the real secret is you always HAVE been. You deserve all of the grace.