True Facts: Tarantulas

Published 2022-11-19
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Special Thanks to: 
Dr Kate Archibald, The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore
Dr Michael Bogan, University of Arizona
Dr Paula Cushing, Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Dr Anne Danielson-Francois, University of Michigan
Dr Jason Dunlop, Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin
Dr Sebastian Echeverri, co-host @BBCEarth Podcast
Dr Rainer Foelix, Neue Kantonsschule Aarau
Dr Saoirse Foley, Carnegie Mellon University
Dallas Haselhuhn, Eastern Michigan University
Dr Fernando Pérez-Miles, Universidad de la República de Uruguay
Dr Bastian Rast, Neue Kantonsschule Aarau
Dr Milan Řezáč, Department of Entomology, Crop Research Institute
Dr Cara Shillington, Eastern Michigan University


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  • zefrank1
    Keep exploring at Get started for free, and hurry—the first 200 people get 20% off an annual premium subscription.
  • Chris Jorritsma
    “Science is sort of a long, passive-aggressive argument about everything” is now my new favorite definition of science.
  • Chris Mayer
    I’m terrified of spiders, yet this webcast about Tarantulas is weirdly fascinating… how very odd 🕸️
  • K Dash
    I had a Chilean Tarantula for 17 years. She was one of the kindest and easiest pets to ever take care of, even easier than owning a plant. RIP Rosy, may you eat your fill of crickets and worms in your heavenly hole.
  • tpg
    Even as someone who has owned multiple spiders and feels like i know just about everything necessary about them, this was a very entertaining and informative video, and I am always so happy to see good press about spiders of any kind. They're really some of my favorite animals and I wish more people would give them a chance
  • Luke Herda II
    Just found you. This is the most I’ve laughed while learning since Casual Geographic! Great stuff, I’ll be checking out the rest of your videos. 😎🦅🇺🇸
  • Sunny Webb
    I want CRICKET. THAT. DON’T. GIVEA. FUCK. played at my funeral.
  • Michael Nash
    I am a veterinarian. One day I had a potential client call on the phone with quite a conundrum. He had a tarantula and he was, by his own admission, afraid of it. This guy wanted me to do an operation on his tarantula and remove its fangs because, as I mentioned earlier, he was scared of being bitten. I had to explain to him the several things wrong with that idea: 1) If this were to be done I don't know how i would anesthetize the spider since they don't have lungs for inhalant anesthesia and I certainly couldn't inject the spider with valium. I don't even know if valium will WORK on a spider but I know it would leave a very big leaky needle hole, plus I'd have to get the spider to hold still for it and, well, that wasn't going to happen. I could have placed the spider in a tank of anesthetic gas but how to monitor it escaped me, as it doesn't have the usual pulse and respiration, nor could I use a pulse oximeter on it. Even if it would work (which it wouldn't) I didn't have one small enough. There would be a very fine line between asleep spider and dead spider and one could become the other quite rapidly.

    2) In veterinary school we are, quite frankly, taught how to KILL arachnids and insects (ticks and fleas, respectively) rather than operate on them. I suppose I could have opened up a whole new category of service for people with pet arachnids, but I'm sure I'd soon get someone wanting me to de-venom sac their Deathstalker Scorpion and I'm not going there.

    Finally, the 3rd problem with the idea is that if I 'defanged' his spider it would very quickly starve to death because it couldn't inject any venom in its prey. The guy sat quiet for a minute and then said, "I guess a tarantula won't make a good pet for me if I'm afraid of it." I agreed. He thanked me and hung up. That still ranks as one of the oddest telephone conferences I've ever had.
  • Britt
    Tarantulas are one of the only spiders I can stand looking at. They're just less scary looking than certain other spiders.
    Ogre faced spiders specifically.
  • GreenSun
    That tiny frog shown at the end lives in a interesting symbiotic relationship with tarantulas. The frog keep the burrow free from ants and parasites, and the tarantula provides shelter and protection for the little frog, so it's a win/ win situaton for both animals!
  • Nicholas Brown
    Finally, I've been doing research on tarantulas for a while. Was not expecting this but it's appreciated.
  • Razor773 YT
    I could watch this all day. This was genuinely entertaining
  • Honestly i've always wanted to learn more about spiders and i find it kinda funny that this is the place where i would finally get to it
  • I had a tarantula throw it’s hairs into my eyeball once, during a holiday weekend. Worst 3 days of my life. I started panicking about what to do but all I found was a news article and a medical journal entry 🫠

    The entire ophthalmologist office would not shut up about my case, a lot of them had no idea that could even happen to you. I ended up having 7 hairs removed from my eyeball itself and 8 from the surrounding area.

    Upsides? I’m no longer scared of getting lasik, and I ended up being a students thesis and teaching moment about why you never look inside a box with an angry tarantula in it. Ever.
  • D M C
    I really liked the citations at the end and by far the most entertaining citations section I've seen.
  • RoboCalico
    Whenever i watch these videos, i think about what a True Facts video would be like in the Pokémon world
  • Randhal Rosie
    Zefrank! Your videos continue to bring me Joy and Knowledge!
  • Elizabeth Taylor
    I have arachnophobia. Five years ago, after I learned what manifested my fear of spiders, I felt that by 'flooding' my senses with images of spiders would help me tolerate and not freak out when I see these eight legged freaks, especially tarantulas. It took me a few days to work up the courage to view this video and honestly I found it comically informative entertainment. Not once did I creep out or flinched, but laughed. Thank you, Zefrank ❤🕷😊
  • Wow! You nailed this Episode. Hillarious and extremely informative. Amazing job! Thanks for letting me contribute footage and be a small part of this. 🖖💚🕷