I Made Minecraft 2D

Published 2022-11-21
I made vanilla Minecraft COMPLETELY 2D with NO MODS!! :D
Funny people in this video:
@AntVenom @Fir @PointCrow @PrestonMinecraft @Slimecicle
Idea for the 2D charcter from the incredible DotWav Gamemaster event!
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All Comments (21)
  • Jac0bs Cz
    Guy 1: "Terraria is 2D Minecraft"
    Guy 2: "Nah, Minecraft is 3D Terraria"
    Mysticat: "Hold my 2D beer"
  • ChefCrumble
    The fact that Mysticat made it out of only texture packs and command blocks makes it so much cooler
  • This is actually really impressive! I'd love to see level 2!
  • K_rma
    would be cool if you expanded it
    i also think adding skeletons would be cool
  • V. H.
    this is the best 2D video ive ever seen how long would this take? i really wanna know
  • actually how it feels working 2 days on a game and then playing it with your homies
  • Drepper
    I can't imagine how much patience this guy has to do complicated stuff like this
  • NotSouls
    This is genuinely so impressive, you never fail to amaze my friend :D
  • nope
    Alternative title: Terraria but it's Minecraft
  • erika morino
    When Mysticat realises that there are thousands of 2D Minecraft games💀
  • Pikachu
    That was amazing, it’d be funny if you put the dragon at the end like the Mario games, shooting purple fire at you, maybe use a slime entity to shoot at random intervals, and limit its movement to only jumping, lever at the back and nether bricks that disappear to make the dragon (slime) fall into the void,
  • harunai
    I have just learned Fundy and Mysticat are roommates. That explains a lot.
  • Trinh chinh
    Can we simply take a moment to congratulate how much time and passion he put into these vids?
    It's incredible, and I consider they justify much more than that!
  • SteamTheWolf
    It's genuinely so impressive how well you can mess with this game to the point it feels official, the amount of effort you put in is honestly incredible!
  • FunAngelo2005
    The 2d steve aprites look like the official promotional artwork
  • Micah.com1670
    I need someone to figure out how to make the entirety of normal Minecraft not like pre-made map like chunks just load like this that would be crazy
  • Levi ._.
    As a GameDev myself I'm wondering how interesting that concept would be as an actual (fan) game 🤔
    Maybe a future project?