Let’s Travel to The Most Extreme Place in The Universe

Published 2022-10-04
The new 12,023 Human Era Calendar is here!
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The universe is pretty big and very strange. Hundreds of billions of galaxies with sextillions of stars and planets and in the middle of it all there is earth, with you and us.
But as enormous as the universe seems looking up, it seems to get even larger when you start looking down. You are towering over worlds within worlds, within worlds – each in plain sight and yet hidden from your experience.
Let’s go on a journey – we’ll start in a park, about a thousand meters long, enough for a 15 minute walk. Every time we click a magic button, we’ll become a thousand times smaller. Ready? Let’s go.

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  • The new 12,023 Human Era Calendar is here!
    This time you can join us on a journey through the microcosm. Curious? Head over to our shop and get it while supplies last.
  • Hristo Naydenov
    This channel might be one of the best things that has ever happened on the internet. The quality of animation, narration, writing, music... It's far beyond what any other educational channel has ever achieved, and it somehow keeps getting better with time. I have nothing but massive respect for whoever is running this spectacle.
  • My god I can’t believe how nobody is mentioning how beautifully the video was ended off at 10:12. I also give huge props to whoever composed the soundtrack, it really makes these words hit home.

    “If you look up, the universe is large and strange. So incredibly large and strange. But if you look down, into the tiny and and extremely tiny, the universe seems even larger, and even stranger. In the end, the perfect place might be where you are right now - not too big, not too small”

    Whoever writes the script for Kurzgesagt, I truly appreciate how you end off videos each time. Really leaves me thinking about it and more so appreciating life in of itself. Thank you everyone in the Kurzgesagt team!!!
  • Bronya Zaychik
    "If you look up, the universe is large and strange, so incredibly large and strange. But if you look down in to the tiny and extremely tiny, the universe seems even larger and even stranger. In the end, the perfect place might be where you are right now. Not too big, not too small." This hits me. Might be my favorite quote of Kurzgesagt.
  • Julio Chavez
    9:28 “You know what the problem is? You got it set to M for Mini when it should be set to W for Wumbo.”

    Excellent job as always, Kurzgesagt.
  • daddy7860
    I love how they used the modern models of quantum physics with the proton, neutron, and electron wave functions, instead of the particle-based models.

    Also, when returning back to normal size, I just thought of the game Spore the whole time, especially since that Duolingo bird is as big as the Human.
  • cloudbloom
    Channels like this are carrying the torch of all the old tv shows and books I was obsessed with as a kid in the 80's. Hopefully current generations of kids become curious about the bigger (and smaller) picture of our existence as humans and they seek out videos such as these
  • ValorZ
    The idea of a bee flying faster than a jet but for only like a few seconds before it craters the ground is hilariously awesome.
  • Allie _ThatKrow
    I love everything about this video! It’s so fun to watch and learn about things like this, and I really appreciate all the effort you put into your videos. (Also I noticed at 9:32 you set the button to W for Wumbo, love seeing references like this)
  • Your team is incredible and will never cease to amaze me. You guys have encapsulated the wonder of exploration and it makes my heart ache. Never stop what you're doing!
  • Thomas Godart
    The perfect place, is always the one that you're in right now, whether you're a person, a planet, a star, a black hole, a galaxy, or an ant, a human cell, a bacteria, a molecule, an atom, an elementary particle. Thank you for this wonderful video! It's always a delight to see your work
  • Angad Shergill
    I've been watching Kurzgesagt's informative videos for quite a long time now and these guys are probably the reason I developed such an interest in science. The technique they used to give information in a way that can be perceived by a young audience is incredible. Because of their videos, science has probably been my strongest subject. Many Thanks Kurzgesagt!
  • Matthew N
    You guys seriously NEVER MISS. Im BLOWN away and in shock. This video was amazing.
  • Ecl1psed276
    I think it would have been worth mentioning just how small the Planck length actually is. Our adventurers pressed their shrink button a total of only four times to get down to the size of an atomic nucleus. But they would have to press it SEVEN MORE TIMES in order to reach the Planck length! And even then, the Planck length would appear to be the length of a marble.
  • Cyberrante2
    just beautiful animations and storytelling, really nothing to say. the whole team behind this project is a miracle to humans <3
  • Vizy
    The best YouTube channel period. There is no other channel like this one. It is such an honor and privilege to see this AMAZING content here, free for anyone. Thank you so much for educating us.
  • Nit-3 patidar
    This video is pure genius!! The seamlessness with which it describes the scales according to lengths we already know and contextualises numbers with visuals like the bullet train for speed. this topic could easily be the most confusing in the world but this was just so clever and stunning
  • Matěj Mencl
    I would love a part two applying a similar concept to help people grasp the vastness of space! this was amazing, but it feels like only a half of the story.
  • Sam Barendse
    I love this channel. You seem to be part of a shrinking group of people that still understand that profit is not the most important thing
  • Techsiastic
    It's mind bogglingly amazing that even with such a limited time this channel provides us the absolute best content out there..