GAME OF THE YEAR??? Buffalo Bills vs. Minnesota Vikings | 2022 Week 10 Game Highlights

Published 2022-11-13

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  • @jalenwilkins7653
  • @dj.sobxrbe
    the fact that patrick peterson has been this good for this long… man he doesn’t get enough praise
  • @greencm7142
    Imagine if that was the Superbowl......My God what a game that was!
  • @chase1630
    This game is an all time classic but even more so because of the commentary. What a fantastic job by Joe Davis. I hope he calls big games in the playoffs/Super Bowl.

    Like any great commentator, he makes the game larger than life, we care because HE cares. Probably the best cast in the past few years.
  • @gregorypost2308
    The fact that that crazy 4 & 18 catch by Jefferson only marked the BEGINNING of the insanity is incredible.
  • @Purplebrickstudioz
    I'm a Vikings fan, and the only words to describe this game is "One hell of a roller coaster." I remember in OT when bills were in the redzone and we were up 3 points, I was so pissed. I thought we did all that work for nothing, but as soon as I thought that, Patrick Peterson made the game winning pick. I could not describe how happy I felt. GG Bills fans, very close game.
  • @wade4943
    The final part about it being a heavyweight bout and Minnesota delivering the knockout blow damn near moves me to tears. Such a crazy game. I’m not used to seeing the defense play like this. Not since 2017
  • @charlespackwood
    Most amazing & exciting game I have EVER seen in my life! Bills: finesse, execution & speed. Vikings: all guts and determination. The fact that the Vikings seemed the underdog throughout... makes them them my "never-say-die" champs so far this year... and I'm a Patriot's fan. You go Minnesota! You go!
  • @rezkat03
    I came here from the Quarterback doc. I can't believe how much pain Kirk Cousins was in this game and still never gave up. Major kudos from a Packers fan 🥰
  • @richgenix
    The fact that Vikings turned the ball on downs then right after Josh Allen fumbles into a Vikings touchdown… I think no matter what Vikings we’re just meant to win no matter what
  • @NewTears1
    Dalvin Cook’s run gotta be the most underrated play this game. There is no way the Vikings have any momentum if not for him.
  • @SocalSteeze
    After the documentary, I have huge respect for Kirk Cousins. What he went through physically, definitely commendable.
  • @glennhalila8279
    I see a lot of Talent on two Good Teams. Justin Jefferson is someone special. I can see why Jefferson was a first round pick in the Draft. He's made some unbelievable catches, some of the most spectacular one's ever in the Game of Football, I have to admit! Imagine if Stefon Diggs was still with the Vikings? He's making one handed grabs too! Wow! This was a Great Game!
  • @user-hs4qh2im3m
  • @carterchilds5938
    The energy from Joe Davis’ commentary makes this game feel even more epic than it already is.
  • This game had Diggs and Jefferson both with remarkable one handed catches.Honestly those two are probably the best wide receivers in the NFL.
  • @lukeb9282
    As a Vikings fan, this is the greatest game I've ever watched in my 26 years of life. We may never win the superbowl, but a game like this, this is pure football at its greatest. Buffalo Bills are now my 2nd favorite team. That game was so crazy and eventful that even Bills fans were rejoicing with Vikings fans because that was absolutely crazy! What a game, all the respect to the Bills, so fun! Josh Allen is the man, hopefully one day we both get a superbowl title! Might be awhile lol! Skol Vikes and Go Bills!