My wife every time we watch a movie 😂 @Regal Noise #shorts #viral #couple #funny #comedy #cute

Published 2022-10-05

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  • Elena Zanna
    my parents have given up on this, they just nap together 🥰
  • •Phantom•
    My parents when watching a movie with me:
    “An hour later I’m still the only one standing…” Dramatic breathing
  • nicola haslam
    It’s just the way Hannah’s eyes jump wide open when the blanket is pulled off her that gets me , so sweet
  • Charlotte G.
    That is my mom when she watches a movie with my dad my dad gets so upset because he knows she’ll always fall asleep.
  • Me when I fall asleep when me and my boyfriend watched a movie together 😂
  • itz mia
    AHH EARLY<333 this is so funny tho, and it’s literally me😹😹😹 i fall asleep almost every movie🤣
  • TheRealDora
    I swear to god I hear this song one more time-✋💀
  • ninjastorm540
    For me, the frustration doesn't even come from my girl falling asleep really but from how I already know she will want us to watch it again together because she fell asleep lol.
  • Moe Ball
    It's actually a compliment. She feels so comfortable and safe with you that she can completely relax. She wouldn't do that with anyone else because she would always feel she had to keep her guard up and stay alert.
  • nafables
    yall always be different love that😂😂💞
  • Tasha Clark
    Why is this me every single time I watch a movie?? And you guys are great parents ❤
  • Feline Felyne
    Her: soundly sleeping
    Me: changing channel/movie
    Her: "Hey, I'm still watching that"
  • Elizabeth Acres
    I fell asleep on my crushes shoulder while we were watching anime 💀💀💀 at least she didn’t mind
  • melanie young
    So happy I’m not the only one that does this 😂
  • Zev2X
    I'm low-key addicted to this song🤣🤣🤣
  • B
    This is me and my boyfriend! He knows when I fall asleep bc we like to comment on certain things about the movie so when I don’t for a while he pauses it and sees if I’m asleep 😂
  • solar editz
    “I broke my heart into pieces 🌧 🖤 😔 “-single gang
  • dadon
    "I'm not even sleeping!!" Demonic snoring