The Monarchy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published 2022-11-13
John Oliver discusses the future of the British monarchy, what they have and have not acknowledged about their past, and how Winston Churchill preferred to go down waterslides.

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All Comments (21)
  • John Oliver. The only Oliver who hates the monarchy more than Cromwell.
  • TandemRaptor
    For anyone who is appalled by residential schools, here's a not so fun fact: the last one in Canada closed in June of 1996. So if your are 26+ you were around during residential schools.
  • Playhouse Toys
    As an Indigenous Canadian, I can assure you that my family has been directly impacted for the worse, by colonialism
  • Eric Posey
    British people doing mocking Australian accents is my new favorite genre of comedy.
  • Dan Birt
    No one should be held responsible for the sins of their ancestors... unless they are still enjoying the wealth/prestige that that those ancestors generated via this sins.
  • boogy
    As a Kikuyu, i'm grateful that even an utterance of the words "Mau Mau" is said. They died for our independence! They literally never stopped fighting until we got our freedom!

    This world is a cruel place!
  • Sin ywad
    My grandfather was a detainee in one of the detention camps during the Mau Mau emergency in Kenya. For five years he endured harsh interrogations (beatings, hours in stress position, starvation, forced labor) until he was able to convincingly renounce an oath he had never taken in the first place. When he left the camp, he found two of his children had died and my grandmother and the rest of his children on the point of starvation from being forcibly housed in a concentration village (yes concentration as in WW2 concentration camps) with no access to food. Thank you JO for bringing this atrocity to light. Anyone seeking more information read Imperial Reckoning by Caroline Elkins
  • Cin Mor
    It's pretty bad when factual history is explained by comedians and/or late night hosts instead of reporters & educators - thank goodness someone does though!
  • Someone needs to tell the truth about this whole family. The truth is a horror movie that never ends.
  • Alexa H.
    I live in Scotland and found out the Queen died through my flatmate telling me "Lizzies done something that's not very girlboss", it was genuinely surprising to talk to people who were actually sad
  • CultureClique
    Im not British and think that British people have lost their mind to support Monarchy in their country in todays world, not mentioning the atrocities they have committed for centuries! John depicts this brilliantly!
  • Ruth Maina
    I'm Kenyan and a Kikuyu and a huge fan of John Oliver. He has said what I have wanted the world to hear about the royal family and colonialism. My mum was just telling me that her parents and all their children were forced to live in specific villages/camps where they could be monitored by the white oppressors so what J.O says is completely true thank you
  • PlaceFantasy
    Im canadian, As you can tell by the fact that I’m two weeks late in commenting. I just wanted to say thank you for using your show to talk about the residential schools. The sheer number of unmarked mass graves of indigenous children found in the last two years is absolutely devastating and it is so important that people don’t forget it
  • Lady Wildfire
    "We will not blame him for the crimes of his ancestors if he relinquishes the royal rights of his ancestors; but as long as he claims their rights, by virtue of descent, then, by virtue of descent, he must shoulder the responsibility for their crimes."
    -James Connolly, 1910, on King George V.
  • Samm E
  • Bug
    I'm Canadian and am really happy that the part about residential schools was included. Canada has done a bunch of fucked-up shit just like any other colonial nation. For non-Canadians, last year the issue was very forefront when the bodies of hundreds of children who died in the "care" of a residential school were recovered from unmarked graves, no less. The last school only closed in 1996 and as that man said, people are still very much suffering the consequences of having their communities' children stollen away to be deprived of their cultures, abused, starved, etc.

    My mind was blown a little when I heard the queen died because she's been an old woman all my life and was just this constant, you know? The thought that she'd one day die just never occurred to me. She's on our money and stuff. I think it's totally stupid she was our head of state and now a king is.
  • Taquel Green
    So true, unfortunately what was left behind in our colonized cultural environments is a modernize version of breaking and retraining the current generations to submit to the ways of which we value each other, stand up and find a new way to nourish and support each other. For me, the more thing change in the bahamas the more they stay the same. Only difference now is that we have our own well trained overseers maintaining the subservient environment.. if you do not partake in this modernize proper conservative privilege, you will be ostracized.
  • Steven McNabb
    For those of you who are curious, Sky did in fact air this segment.
  • Adrian Oines
    if they do cut it out for
    being disrespectful they might want to
    seriously think about why why they and
    everyone else are working so hard not to
    offend a family whose name was branded
    into people's skin and who sit atop a
    pile of stolen wealth wearing crown
    adorned with other countries treasures

    I am currently watching this video as part of an assignment where we are supposed to write about how the british monarchy and commonwealth can help promote economic, climate, racial, and gender based justice and I think I am going to put this as my closing remark. Absolutely perfect.