Dump and Go Crockpot Recipes | How To Cook CHEAP & QUICK Vacation Meals | Easy Slow Cooker Meals

Published 2022-10-09
BEST EVER Dump and Go Crockpot Recipes For Vacation | CHEAP Quick & Easy Slow Cooker Meals To Make On Vacation That Your Family Will LOVE!

Hey friends, I’m sharing 2 more of the BEST Crockpot dinner recipes that I’ve EVER made! And I saved them to make while on vacation with the family this week. I am also sharing how I’ve been saving our family money on the vacation food budget for years by cooking and planning ahead; and NO, I don’t spend all day in the kitchen on vacation. It just takes a little planning ahead, making good use of your crockpot and learning how to spruce up some convenience foods. These are tried and true family favorites, perfect for vacation, a cozy fall dinner or just a quick weeknight meal anytime of the year. As always, they are all budget friendly and use simple ingredients found in most everyone’s pantry or grocery store. Thanks for stopping by and sharing our vacation memories, I hope you will subscribe and come back every week for more.
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Crockpot Lasagna (I kinda go by this recipe but change the pasta to a cheese filled ravioli):

Taco Soup:

Easy Mexican Cornbread:

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  • Happy Sunday friends, hope you've had a great week and thanks so much for watching. We've been trying to get away with the whole family for a vacation since just before the virus turned this world upside down. We finally got our schedules aligned and we sure did enjoy every minute of our time together. Thanks so much for spending some time with us 💕 and as always I love and appreciate your friendship and support. YOU make this a beautiful community ❤️
  • Shannon Pichotta
    Thank you so much for taking us along with you and your family on vacation. It looked like so much fun and I have to admit I was a little jealous. lol. All of your meals looked amazing also. Congratulations on hitting 20,000 subscribers, what a great milestone. I love watching all of your videos and I look forward to the next one. Give granny a hug for me. I love it when she makes an appearance in your videos.
  • chellrockk
    I use the pioneer gravy mixes as well! So easy, and it tastes so good! I actually do it a very similar way as granny😊 thank you for all the tips & tricks Mel! It looks absolutely gorgeous there!☺️
  • JoAnn Carpenter
    What a beautiful place for a vacation! Thanks for bringing us along Mel!! 😊
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    Mama Mel,Thank you so much for bringing us along during vacation! 🏖️ You have a Beautiful Family and All of the meals y'all prepared looked DE-LI-CIOUS and made with Love!😊❤️💙😊🙏🙏
  • Tonia Robertson
    So happy ya'll had a great time in Florida!! I live in the panhandle of Florida and am proud that ya'll spent your vacation here. When I make the taco soup, I use a can of Rotel tomatoes/peppers instead of diced tomatoes because it adds a little extra heat the soup.
  • Leah Rose
    Hope y'all had a good time! I enjoyed this video, it really is a challenge to cook while on vacation, especially for kids! These recipes help!! Blessings 😍
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    Congrats on 20,000 subscribers. Your vacation looked absolutely wonderful.
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    Thank you Mel for taking us along on your vacation🥰
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    Looks like a lovely vacation! We aren't beach people, but wow, that beach was so pretty, we are tempted to visit it too! Love the making meals on vacation idea rather than eating out each night too! So much more relaxing!😊
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    Always love you videos & recipes! Cooking while on vacation too! You are a super hero Mel!! Looked like a great time!!
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    Congrats on 20K! You go, Mel. It was nice to see your vacay spot and your meal preparations...thank you
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    I just loved this video! So real and relatable! As a mama of 3 littles this was so helpful bc this is much more like our vacations!
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    Mel … Congratulations on the growing channel!!! Before you know it, you’re gonna be at 100 K subscribers!!! Please keep the excellent videos coming!!! Especially like your crock pot meals!!! Y’all take care, be safe, best wishes and God bless!!! Chuck Knight from Buffalo, Texas. 🤠👨‍🌾✝️🙏🖖👍🦌
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    How sweet are you to film and share your vacation with us!!!
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    Mel I loved your vacation video. Callie and Ryan were so cute dancing too. All the food looked yummy. I can't wait to try some of it!.
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    Hello Mel. Thank you for bringing us along on your Family Vacation. It looks absolutely Beautiful. I've always cooked when we was on vacation too. That sunset is so Beautiful. I hope that Y'all have a wonderful time. Love From your longtime Indiana Friend.
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