3 Genius LEGO Products!

Published 2022-11-22
#shorts #lego

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All Comments (21)
  • Andrei Marius
    aight I'ma buy some legos and start decorating my shoes
  • TGWT
    “I made a steering wheel so i can play racing games while driving!”
  • Being an LEGO employee feeling proud you posted this. "LEGO ~ EVERYTHING IS AWESOME".
  • PonkiePopz
    Lego is actually one of the coolest toys ever, let alone being fused with technology accessories
  • Fran Zedney
    I just realized why I have seen this all over shorts.. I'm kinda early 🤦🏽‍♀️
  • Ore
    Now people will have a great time stepping on my phone
  • The Worm
    Everyone right now: I can’t believe I’m here this early
    Me: imagine the feel of those studs on your hands while browsing yt
    The tape on the shoe looks so cool
    Arun you should do a shoe collection video🌚
  • Urfavperson
    “Too three genius lego-“
    My whole family: where’s the credit card at?!?
  • Richard Page
    I'm not gonna lie,the thumbnail for this short had me thinking you had Jaundice
  • Atomic Gaming
    I had the lego tape when I was younger, I remember sticking it on every surface imaginable 😂
  • Pandyplaz2
    It feels illegal to be this early 💀
  • R B
    I’m sure this happens in other cities but there was once this time where an unknown group of people would attach lego tape onto poles in my town and keep building at night.
  • Paca
    imagine thinking that phone handle will actually prevent you from dropping your phone lmao
  • Aman Sharma
    I am so early that it doesn't even show it as a YouTube short.
  • I literally have the LEGO tape, too bad it's not actually official but it works nonetheless. The only thing I ever bought from Wish and I was actually not disappointed :)
  • Max Showler
    I’m literally taking a sip of tea out of that mug right now 😂😂
  • Bryan Howell
    Legos are one of those toys that I never get tired of.
  • I saw the lego tape on an ad a couple years ago and I thought; “Who would want that?” but maybe it would look good on school displays as a title 😯