I tried to bowl two perfect games in a row (in wii bowling)

Published 2022-11-22

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  • Drew Gooden
    eddy ninepins is such a mean and hateful name 😕 they should be calling you eddy one hundred and nineteen pins because you’re always one short of a perfect game.
  • Sam Burckhard
    More than anything, I’m just happy to know Eddy and Ted are still friends after the Rainforest Cafe Incident of 2022.
  • capt_hapa
    the progression of rainforest cafe, morbius, and wii bowling is really incredible. i can only imagine what the next step will be
  • Hammy
    What a year this guy had:
    -Played Wii Bowling
    -Went to every Rainforest Cafe
    -Wii Bowling
  • TimeBucks
    Eddy NEVER fails to entertain us
  • Alan Dracula
    I’m enjoying the fact that Eddy having a crisis of faith in a public bathroom is a common element in his videos.
  • MattColbo
    Never has someone's Mii been a more accurate representation of themselves I am aghast
  • Blue
    I think you're at least a B list Youtuber, Eddy. You're a fun guy. A fungi. You're growing.
  • Punky Val
    Oh Eddy… my grandma used to play Wii sports every single night til 4am, and every night I would witness my grandma doing perfect games… over and over for hours. Her technique was pretty interesting; she would never move her character, and before throwing the ball, she would "fake it" half a dozen times before throwing. I would try it and sometimes it would work, but for her, it was natural. Then one day, she fell in the tub, broke 3 ribs and never played again 😢 I wish I filmed proof of her play because it was so impressive. She passed away a year and a half ago and I know if she was alive right now, I would have asked her to play Switch Sports with me and I guarantee you that she would keep her perfect score. Miss you grandma. Also Eddy Ninepins, keep practicing
  • GrimmHooke
    As someone whose highest score in Wii Bowling is in the 160s, I'm proud of you.
  • BenneLuke
    Eddie holding up the controller, thinking for a second, and then putting his other hand on his hip is so hilarious to me...
  • Angela White
    I remember exactly how I got my wii. I was about eight years old in an arcade with my dad and we both tried to win the wii from the stacker machine. We both got close but I had to leave. But the in the middle of the night my dad woke me up and said he had a surprise. He then showed me the wii that we were trying to get that day. He actually went back and won for me. That was probably the happiest moment in my life.
  • i love how eddy keeps torturing himself over the most mundane things. he’s a shell of the man he once was and it’s all because of rainforest cafe, morbius, and wii bowling
  • illusioNery
    Honestly...it would be my greatest pleasure to shake the hand of Eddy Nine Pins one of these days :D
  • Groggy
    "Wii Sports was such a hit in 2006, that it's hard to find a person, gamer or not, that has not tried the game at least once."

    Look no further. I am that person.
  • I just stopped crying my eyes out and ur vids just make me smile
  • BleachedBonez
    So glad he included the "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE I AM" clip. One of my favorite sports moments that man is so happy his brain just breaks
  • Max
    “nobody call me eddie 9-pins or i’ll freak the fuck out” was so gd funny i nearly choked
  • NakeyJakey
    Eddy burback??? From…high school?? Mustache?? Big dumpy??? Oh yeah dude I married him 5 years strong 💍
  • MrBaconskinny
    After Eddy's last two videos it seems he gets a lot of inspiration during difficult times from the characters he finds on bathroom walls