The Try Guys Make Pop-Tarts Without A Recipe

Published 2022-11-19
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Rosanna Pansino

Monique Chan

Jen Yee

Devlin McCluskey

Voice Over by
Ted Evans

Illustrations by
Colleen Tighe

Sound Mix by
Cabel Adkins

Licensed from AudioNetwork

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Official Try Guys Photos
By Mandee Johnson Photography | @mandeephoto

Rachel Ann Cole - Director
Jonathan Kirk - 1st Assistant Director
Dawn Shim - Director of Photography
Chris LaPointe - Camera Operator
Austin Page - Camera Operator
Giselle Gonzalez - Camera Operator
Ben Hecht - Camera Operator
Ethan Sullivan - 1st Assistant Camera
Kallie Jung - 2nd Assistant Camera
Maria Alanis - 2nd Assistant Camera
Marshall Victory - Gaffer
David Beede - Sound Mixer
Ethan Molomut - Boom Operator
Susannah Honey- Production Designer
Alessia Madau - Art Director
Krista Lu - Art Director
Jesse Ross - Set Dresser
Angelica Rivera - Set Dresser
Niki Ford - Food Stylist
Laurie Smith - Food Styling Assistant
Jonny Carlson - Production Assistant
Arlo Bowlin - Production Assistant
Armando Garcia - Production Assistant

Rachel Ann Cole - Executive Producer & Chief Creative Officer
Nick Rufca - Executive Producer & Chief Operations Officer
Devin Wangler - Finance Manager
Jonathan Kirk - Physical Production Coordinator
Desiree Hurlbut - Production Coordinator
Jack McGill - Production Assistant
Nick Morell - Social Media Manager
Aiko Igasaki - Short Form Editor & Graphic Design Associate
Miles Bonsignore - Podcast Producer
Rainie Toll - Podcast Editor
Devlin McCluskey - Senior Editor
YB Chang - Senior Editor
Elliot Dickerhoof - Editor
Mishelle Martin - Editor
Skyler Klingenberg - Editor
Will Witwer - Assistant Post Production Supervisor
Moira Joy Smith - Assistant Editor

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All Comments (21)
  • madiboomonkey
    The fact that they could have just cut Ned out of the final rankings since he got last place but they kept it in to make sure we knew he got last place has me dying
  • Why Tho
    neds shirt saying “i love bad ideas” speaks volumes and its so funny
  • Eric Chiles
    I love the irony of Ned’s shirt saying “I love bad ideas”… like yeah we know
  • Makenzie Gleason
    Since everyone is talking about the amazing editing in this vid, I thought I'd mention that according to the description Devlin McCluskey got the editing credit for this video, and the editing team of the company includes Devlin and YB Chang as senior editors as well as Elliot Dickerhoof, Michelle Martin, and Skyler Klingenberg as editors, and Moira Joy Smith as assistant editor. Big shout-outs to the producers as well, including Will Witwer as the assistant post production supervisor.
  • LiLCoolJewels
    They should have an episode where they take the editors out for a special day where they get spoiled
  • 40oz
    a gag that will NEVER get old is when the professional says “don’t do this” and it immediately cuts to one of the guys doing exactly that
  • Short Girly Girl
    The try guys really said “As long as you edit him out, then you can do whatever you want. Have fun with it!”
  • Jacey Rogers
    Zach being labeled “no longer 4th best” sent me
  • Anna B
    I love that they probably called Rosana up and were like, hey, can we get a recording of you saying "elephant"?
  • Lucy
    The edit with the chef showing the correct way, and the boys making all the mistakes is amazing, and I'm all for it

    Laughed so hard!!
  • Ned’s “I love bad ideas” shirt is literally the icing on the pop tart 😅
  • Manacats
    honestly its so brave of keith to partner up with an actual, live elephant for this episode, not enough props are given to him for his courage, teamwork, and cooperation :)
  • Arianna Nero
    The cuts of them working their dough between the cuts of her saying that's the last thing you wanna do, had me on the ✨️FLOOR✨️
  • Soy Sauce
    Professional: explains what not to do
    The guys: does every single thing she say not to do

    This will always be my fav editing😂😂😂
  • FruityGroovy
    Rosanna just silently laughing to herself as Keith reveals he's done Daddy's Favorite again is just priceless. She's just like "of course. Of course you did this again. I should have expected this."
  • Soft Dad Keith is beautiful, Murican Eugene is more terrifying than Evil Eugene, and Zach is fabulous as always.
  • Honey Clouds
    LMFAOO the way they edited Ned in last place as an elephant and how ro just held up a bag of peanuts is KILLING MEEEE
  • Berenice Salinas
    1. The editors deserve all the praise in the world for their editing.
    2. I need an episode or series where Keith makes all of his daddy‘s favorites and his daddy eats them then ranks them
  • vi
    I just want to say I really appreciate this channel for adding captions, because they help a ton. I'm not someone that has issues with hearing but my brain just cannot comprehend anything without words anymore. This is especially an issue when watching movies. Thanks to the try guys and the staff who works on this channel!