4 NEW MIND BLOWING Chicken Casseroles YOU MUST TRY | Quick & Easy Chicken Recipes With A Twist!

Published 2022-10-23
4 NEW MIND BLOWING Chicken Casseroles YOU MUST TRY | Quick & Easy Chicken Recipes With A Twist That Leave Them Begging for More!

Hey friends, do you ever find yourself in a chicken rut, making that same old chicken casserole over and over again? Well, no more! I’ve got 4 new chicken casseroles that will blow your mind and leave your family begging for more! Each one is quick and easy, make with simple ingredients and has a special twist all it’s own. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your time with me, I hope you will subscribe and come back every week for more.
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Chicken and Cornbread Casserole:

French Onion Chicken Bubble Up Bake:

Italian Chicken Casserole:

Cheesy Chicken Potato Casserole:

Stella’s Chicken Casserole:

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  • Hey friends, hope everyone has had a great weekend, I will be in the comments soon as I can be. Let me know your favorite casserole from tonight's video. 🥰
  • @Drmikekuna
    Thank you so much for these recipes. I retired a few years ago, but my wife continues to work. Because of this, I have taken over many of our meal preps (and other household duties). Additionally, we had our kids later in life so we still have young adults at home. With inflation and the demands of constantly cooking meals for my family, I have returned to the foods that were fed to me as a kid, and I make many simple one-pot meals from soups to casseroles. Unfortunately, because my mom is long gone I have had to rely on my memory or the internet for recipes. So many internet recipes use unusual ingredients or spices. I'm not against this, but I really don't want to buy some spice or ingredient and then be stuck having the remnants fill up the cupboard only to toss them out later. I'm the kind of cook who wants staple items in the kitchen that I can mix together to make a dinner that my family wants to eat, and these recipes sound exactly like what I was looking for.
  • Hi Mel! I’m new here and you’re now.. my favorite! I’m a southern girl and casseroles are my heart! I’56 years young. I has stopped cooking as much since my kids were grown. But now, I’m raising my my autistic grandson. You’re recipes have breathed new life into my cooking. Thank you for being not only an amazing inspiration as a cook, but also as a good Christian woman. THANK YOU!!
  • @suzimirsky627
    Thanks, Mel! I have everything on hand for the chicken casserole, so my 15yo son is making it for dinner tomorrow night. Having a son who’s interested in cooking is such a blessing! Have a great week 😊
  • @mslil65
    Ohhh I've been waiting all week for this! Yum yum!!! Can't wait to try the French Onion recipe.
  • These all look so good! Must tries for Fall and Winter! Thanks for sharing them with us Mel. So very sorry about the loss of your friend Stella. May God comfort all who feel the loss so heavily. Hope you have a great upcoming week! God bless!
  • @sandras.435
    Mel, I cook my green beans with ham hock skins. You can find them in the grocery stores in the season meat section. I am not a fan of sweet greens, collards with sugar etc. Love your videos.
  • @mississippigirl
    Hi Mel! I have tried your carrot recipe, which is delicious. I am going to try all of your chicken casseroles, but I want to try the first recipe soon. It looked so good. I hope you have a blessed week, Mel!
  • Adding Rotel and black beans to that chicken cornbread casserole sounds so good (as does the way you did it). I love a good French onion casserole, that one looks so good with the biscuits! Prayers for Stella’s family 🙏🏻
  • Hello momma Mel, these recipes look delicious. I have a lot already in pantry as staples!! I made the Lasagna soup yesterday and we loved it. I used the beef broth as you said. It tasted somewhat heartier!
    Love in Christ,
  • @JenniferatHome
    Everything we have ever seen you make, always looks fabulous! 😁
    The salt, garlic powder & onion powder sound great!! These recipes look amazing! We love the corn bread dishes especially! ❤️
  • Hello Mama Mel, Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful chicken casseroles recipes with us,all of them looks so good,but if I just got to choose it would be the first one,the one with the jiffy cornbread mix.I do my greenbeans with a few little ham pieces & bacon drippings. Also I hope to make your Apple pie that Falon made on Fall Fridays for Thanksgiving. Sending continued prayers to you & your family. Ya'll be blessed and have a wonderful week. Love from Lula Mae & Family. 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕
  • Mel, my mom would make her green beans all the time by taking and cutting up into very small pieces two to three pieces of bacon and she would cook them in the saucepan on the stove and once they were close to being done she would add in her canned green beans after she drained them and then season with pepper and salt. That was always my favorite way to eat green beans and it was always great finding little chunks of bacon in with our green beans at dinner time. Definitely made us kids want to eat our vegetables a little bit better! But what is it better with bacon or cheese on it?
  • Thanks for sharing more great recipes with us! I made the biscuit bubble up bake and we all loved it! So delicious and easy! :) xx
  • Mel
    Each of these dishes look so good. I cooked up some chicken for soup this week and had several chicken pieces which were not used. I was looking for new chicken recipes and I am so glad you read my mind. See you soon
  • Wow! You’ve outdone yourself, Mel! Every one of these recipes look delicious. I can’t wait to try them all. Thank you so much!
    I do have several pieces of the Corning Vision ware, including a large oval baking dish. It’s the amber color though.
  • These casseroles all look fantastic! I've been needing a change from my standard chicken casserole! Thanks for all of these!
  • @belinda2221
    I made the first recipe , Country Cornbread Casserole, for dinner tonight and wanted you to know we all loved it so much. We will definitely make this again. Thank you for the recipe.
  • @ab22heartsmac
    I’ve never been a casserole lover but you got this California girl to try making pintos and cornbread and they were delicious so I’ve gotta trust you again and give your classic chicken casserole a try
  • @sandybowman7140
    Hey Mel, once again the simpler the better & I couldn't be more thrilled with canned chicken - it's so cost efficient & easy to store & keep on hand! Ur voice & instructions are so comforting, u make it feel like we're just hanging out with u while ur cooking. I'm so sad for the loss of ur dear friend Stella & will be praying for u & all those who love her. So sweet u keep her spirit alive by sharing her casserole with us! Bless u dear Mel, I pray the treasured memories of Stella u have bring comfort to u! Big hugs from chilly Michigan!