Senegal vs. Netherlands Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

Published 2022-11-21
Senegal and the Netherlands faced off in the World Cup. Up until the 84th minute each team was seeking their first goal. With three shots on goal for Senegal and one for the Netherlands, the players were fiercely fighting for a goal. Finally, Cody Gakpo scored with a header in the 84th minute. Then, Davy Klaassen scored to give the Netherlands a 2-0 win over Senegal.

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Senegal vs. Netherlands Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

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All Comments (21)
  • Michael Scott
    I was really impressed by how hard Senegal fought. Those guys are no joke.
  • JayCFC
    That pass from De Jong to Gakpo was an absolute beauty. Feel bad for Mendy, his decline has been sad to see, hopefully he can get back up on his feet🙌🏾
  • KammPrixx_
    Unfortunate for Senegal with Mané out, they still fought hard and made it a pretty close game until the end.
  • Frankmed Avege
    I feel so bad for Senegal. They didn’t deserve to lose this game. This was a heart crushing lose. I hope they will do better against Qatar.
  • Ricardo Masvidal
    Senegal actually played a really good game they just ran out of gas toward the end but they looked good nothing to be ashamed of
  • yddub bud
    hats off to senegal despite the loss. they played well.
  • Sam Touré💡
    Honestly, Senegal could have made it to the final with Sadio Mane present. Allez Les Lion de l'afrique ( not the little dutch lion)
  • Shrek
    No offense, but this match isn't the same without Sadio Mane, phenomenal win for the Netherlands anyway, and get well Mane!♥️🇸🇳
  • Ricardo Mendoza
    Senegal 🇸🇳 is a very dangerous team. They played really well, hope to see them more 💪🏾
  • Nershon Kamara
    Senegal had me sweating for a minute. Good game overall
  • Drsamw Pepper
    Only 2 shots...both were goals. FIFA suddenly looks realistic now.
  • ElGuapoDame
    Praying Senegal Make it to the knockouts , they’re so deserving on the recognition & talent
    Senegal, the team I fell in love with in the last World Cup. I hope they can go far in this one.
  • Manick Deng
    I’m proud of the way Senegal played today against this Netherlands team the players were just not too focus on the last ten minutes but hopefully they will do better in the next 2 games 🇸🇳.
  • simp lified
    Very unfortunate for Senegal.
    They could have done much better.
    Little details made all the difference, especially from the goalkeeper. And yes, Sadio Mane was clearly missed.
  • Luis Auzeta
    Never heard of that Dutch goalkeeper but he was amazing today🔥
  • I love the Senegalese goal keeper but we can undoubtedly say the 2 goals tonight were on him. He could have done better.
  • Joel Koffi
    Good job Senegal 🇸🇳 we support you from Ivory Coast 🇨🇮 ❤
  • Daniel Mai
    Mendy used to be tougher to beat... And the stop rebounds should be better. Either push it out wide or behind for a corner. Never let a rebound back into a dangerous front field.
  • Seth Gremmert
    Good fight from SEN. A lot of heart from the Dutch!. Great goals and a Great Game!