Deadpool Update, Part Hugh

Published 2022-09-28
Quick #Deadpool explainer video that tackles…
1) Timeline questions
2) Logan canon
4) Whether we can do this all day or not

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  • James Farr
    If they never made the movie, and just kept dropping these perfectly executed troll videos, I might potentially be completely fine with that.
  • bofooit gojo
    Even for a skit, Hugh still nails those expressions. He’s irreplaceable
  • Soinas Doyi
    That fact that Ryan and Hugh already seem have the same energy as Deadpool and Wolverine means this movie is going to be amazing
  • Alex
    they been building this dynamic between them for so long that it’s absolutely paying off . i’m stoked!
  • WolfzBane
    Hugh and Ryan starting a comedy troupe is the most desired reality in the multiverse.
    Change my mind
  • Azurejake
    I got to relive my childhood when Tobey Maguire appeared in Spiderman's No Way Home and now I'm going to get that feeling all over again with these two!
  • Rich Geshel
    Ryan... you have to make more of these with you and Hugh providing updates as production takes place. Absolute gold!
  • boli milda
    The fact that both Ryan and Hugh made character development for deadpool wolverine combo entirely off screen through skits and tv appearances still blows my mind!
  • Jackmans ability to transition between a hyper, energetic and calm, sincere mentality is an amazing quality and speaks to his character
  • Michael Inman
    It's going to be a whole year of these two trolling us... and I couldnt be happier.
  • Ethan Andrews
    0:46 Hugh totally accidentally punched Ryan a little too hard, and you can see him apologize for it 😂
  • I have total faith in Ryan Reynold's ability to deliver a damn good Deadpool film.
  • Ailsa Ni
    You did it Ryan, you did it. Took long but you did it, you and Deadpool deserves Hugh and Wolverine for all the effort in bringing him back.
  • Nerd_Army
    If Ryan and Hugh have all this chemistry in a one minute video, just imagine what can they do in a two hours movie
  • lBlaziN
    This is the kind of chemistry between two people you can't write a script for.
  • Matt S
    I had a hard time rewatching Logan after it's initial release, mostly because it's the first superhero movie that ever made me emotional. I grew up watching the XMen movies and seeing Hugh Jackman's performances as Wolverine. I'll gladly watch him reprise his role where I know (hopefully) I won't have to see him die again.
  • Chuck Norriss
    So crazy how Ryan is just as much obsessed with working with Jackman as Deadpool is working with Wolverine in the comics. 😂