Christian Bale Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

Published 2022-10-05
Christian Bale breaks down a few of his most iconic characters from 'American Psycho,' 'The Dark Knight' Trilogy, 'The Fighter,' 'The Machinist,' 'The Big Short,' 'Vice,' 'Empire of the Sun,' 'Amsterdam' and 'The Pale Blue Eye.'

Christian Bale will star in AMSTERDAM, in theaters October 7, 2022, and THE PALE BLUE EYE, premiering on Netflix on December 23, 2022.

00:00 Intro
00:25 Patrick Bateman, American Psycho
04:53 Bruce Wayne/Batman, The Dark Knight Trilogy
08:29 The Fighter
10:00 The Machinist
12:03 The Big Short
13:50 Dick Cheney, Vice
16:17 Empire of the Sun
19:01 Amsterdam
21:46 The Pale Blue Eye

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All Comments (21)
  • @AmbitionMusic
    My fav role of his is in The Prestige, shame they didn’t mention it. It’s incredible, and underrated for sure.
  • @Wwrtf1750
    He never turned a bad performance , that’s impressive and rare … just shows how talented he is , he chooses really well his roles too and never disappointed . I can’t imagine the cinema without him on screen anymore
  • @Billyregin
    I'm so glad to hear how proud he is of The Dark Knight. Bale as Batman is almost unfairly brushed aside for all the other recent Batmans and bigger super hero movies, but he'll always be able to say he starred in one of the greatest and most popular movies of all time. And literally changed movies in general, so many following movies were influenced by The Dark Knight and it being snubbed for best picture at the oscars led to the oscars changing their rules
  • @mikiim5739
    I bet Bale doesn't even remember doing 'Howl's Moving Castle' but I'll always have the softest spot in my heart for him for Howl alone
  • @davidlee1119
    Great interview but man, can how do we not include "The Prestige" on this list? The duality of that role, the complexity of having to play multiple characters. It would be fascinating to know more about this incredible, and somewhat underseen gem, and one of Nolan's early great films.
  • @TheFlagnard2
    I actually loved his role in Thor: Love and Thunder. He was the best part of the whole movie. His acting was so real and honest that it felt out of place in such a ridiculous film.
  • He seems like such a down-to-earth person and an incredible actor. It's really fascinating listening to him.
  • @VTECLiam
    One cannot neglect his role in The Machinist - it was nothing short of incredible. He lost a significant amount of weight to play the emaciated and sleep-deprived machinist, Trevor Reznik, in the film. Bale reportedly lost 63 pounds for the role, reducing his weight to just 121 pounds, which is a significant amount of weight for someone who is already quite lean.
    Bale's dedication to his craft and attention to detail are truly impressive. His commitment to the character and the film is evident in his physical transformation, and he delivers an outstanding performance that is both haunting and poignant. Bale's portrayal of Trevor Reznik is a testament to his acting abilities and his willingness to go to great lengths to fully inhabit a character.
    Thank you Chris, let it be known you're my favourite actor of all time.
  • I know they only had so much time and his filmography is spectacular but very surprised to not see his roles in The Prestige, Equilibrium and Rescue Dawn here. Bale is one of the greats, truly. Never a bad performance
  • @Fabo100
    The back story behind American Psycho is like so many other incredible films that have been made where they shouldn’t have been made but somehow someway it came to be the exact way it was meant. Beautiful
  • @_novvemberain_
    He's my favourite actor of all time. His dedication towards any role given to him is really admirable and inspiring.
  • The way Christian Bale completely understands the satire of American Psycho is so refreshing cause often actors never comment on the actual message of their films, in fact they avoid it. Especially if it's a movie like that one.
  • @greerprince4370
    One of my favorite performances of his was in Zhang Yimou's The Flowers of War. Absolutely incredible movie and only strengthened my admiration for Christian Bale. So unbelievably versatile and dedicated to his craft. Will always be my fav
  • It's crazy because Christian is so good that sometimes I even forget hes British because the American accent he has down is literally perfect.
  • @tinareaume7484
    I discovered Christian Bale in Empire of the Sun and was so impressed that I bought the movie and made everyone I knew watch it. Look at that kid! I would say. He's going to be one of the greatest actors ever, as he is.
  • @JuneKG231
    Loved him in ‘reign of fire’ as well. He made the fear real. I really felt the weight on his shoulders having to keep the last of humanity alive.
  • @EDTheOneable
    Bale is an absolute legend. Love his craft and dedication to the roles he chooses.
  • I love how he goes so in depth with every role he had played. I feel like I see most actors give us a brief insight and could care less..
    But he goes in with emotional depth, detail and with class and appreciation of his craft. Much respect 🫡
  • @fxrdo
    The fact he played a character as iconic as Batman not once but THREE TIMES, and he is still known for so many other roles is just unbelievable. Christian is really one of the most talented and most adaptable actors ever.
  • @SuperHubert85
    If I were to bring up Christian Bale movies that have really gotten me into him one of them would be Equilibrium because I just absolutely loved the action sequences and the overall theme that the movie conveyed, but when it comes to newer productions it's a shame that there was no section on Ford VS Ferrari because he and Matt Damon did an incredible job in that movie too and just like Equilibrium Ford VS Ferrari is a criminally underrated movie