Christian Bale Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

Published 2022-10-05
Christian Bale breaks down a few of his most iconic characters from 'American Psycho,' 'The Dark Knight' Trilogy, 'The Fighter,' 'The Machinist,' 'The Big Short,' 'Vice,' 'Empire of the Sun,' 'Amsterdam' and 'The Pale Blue Eye.'

Christian Bale will star in AMSTERDAM, in theaters October 7, 2022, and THE PALE BLUE EYE, premiering on Netflix on December 23, 2022.

00:00 Intro
00:25 Patrick Bateman, American Psycho
04:53 Bruce Wayne/Batman, The Dark Knight Trilogy
08:29 The Fighter
10:00 The Machinist
12:03 The Big Short
13:50 Dick Cheney, Vice
16:17 Empire of the Sun
19:01 Amsterdam
21:46 The Pale Blue Eye

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All Comments (21)
  • Hurrifan C.
    It's crazy because Christian is so good that sometimes I even forget hes British because the American accent he has down is literally perfect.
  • It's amazing he gained 400 000 kg for his role as the sandworm in Dune. Mad respect
  • I actually don't ever think of Christian Bale as a single role and he is maybe one of the few actors I feel that way about. He has been in so many really good movies and such a variety of roles that I can think of several.
  • Cheeselover
    Fun fact: Ben stiller made Tropic Thunder based on what he experienced during the filming of Empire of the Sun. He thought it was dumb how actors in the film (empire) acted like they were hardened war veterans (even off-set), just because they'd gone through 2 weeks of light military training to prep for the movie. So he made the greatest comedy of all time, Tropic Thunder.
  • Evbb Jones
    Fascinating. When he's talking about the role in The Machinist, he said he took it because he had just got done with a few roles he wasn't very happy with. I believe he's talking about Equilibrium and Reign of Fire. Which is crazy, because both of those films have huge cult followings. Just goes to show you how high his standards are for himself.
  • I can’t believe they didn’t interview him about his role in Ford vs Ferrari. Absolutely outstanding performance. He made the movie imo
  • Ptao Tom
    I love the way he talked about heath. Two legendary actors in a fantastic franchise
  • He's been my favorite actor for all of these reasons... He's so serious about his craft yet so humble. It takes guts to still carry out roles that everyone warns you not to do, and going against the grain has put him in a league of his own. There are even memorable roles that they forgot like The Prestige (one of my favorites of all time).
  • Arthur Of Alsen
    I see why he played Patrick Bateman so well, this man is insane
  • Zaheer Sarang
    Christian Bale is pretty much a shapeshifter at this point. This could even be a fake voice and we would never know because he is just that brilliant.
  • Gustava V
    The backstory of the production of American Psycho is just amazing! Mary together with her writer did a marvelous and powerful job and Christian was born for that role! He’s one of the most versatile actors out and is in the same level as Daniel Day Lewis!
  • Emma Bennett
    The way Christian Bale completely understands the satire of American Psycho is so refreshing cause often actors never comment on the actual message of their films, in fact they avoid it. Especially if it's a movie like that one.
  • ryotenshin
    There’s a dozen films I wish they had asked him about besides the roles they did interview him about. But also it touched me hearing him talk about Heath Ledger and his experience playing Batman so dearly. The story of the go kart racing with Heath was touching. Love Christian Bale, never seen him give an even subpar performance before. Loved watching this entire video.
  • He’s the only actor I can possibly put above Tom Hanks. Nailed so many different characters you would never know his real personality with out these interviews. If you haven’t seen Harsh Times , it’s another great role by him. Ford vs. Ferrari is a great flick too
  • L.F.P. man
    It’s interesting how Christian was known for his role as Batman, and then his role as Patrick Bateman suddenly became so popular
  • Sam
    Such a phenomenal actor. Was hoping they would ask him about The Prestige as well.
  • bobi miiu
    Christian Bale‘s physical and psychological dedication to depict his characters as convincing as possible makes him one of the greatest movie stars ever
  • miou joer
    One of my top 3 actors of all time, he’s really up there, total dedication to his rolls, unbelievable versatility, the mans a national treasure for sure!
  • ocd aus
    His performance in The Fighter is not talked about enough. Remarkable actor and one of the best in this era.