Lil Uzi Vert - Just Wanna Rock [Official Music Video]

Published 2022-11-18
Lil Uzi Vert - Just Wanna Rock
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Directed by Gibson Hazard
Executive Creative Director – Oliver Cannon
Video Commissioner – Joseph Boyd
Executive Producers – Liam Akiva, Harrison Corwin, Jamil Davis
Production Company – House of Hazard x ShotClock
Producer – Jagger Corcione
Production Manager – Louis Moreschi
DP – Cory Burmester
Creative Consultants – Chris Villa, Garrett Bruce
3D Animation – Reduciano
VFX – Black Hat VFX / Rick Lancaster
Editors – Gibson Hazard, Kenny Shimm, Chris Villa
Sound Design – Gibson Hazard, Ayo Doudson, Reduciano
Production Coordinator – Maryam Eldeeb
Production Coordinator – Frank Scott
Office Coordinator – Teresa Plascencia
1st AD – Marc Kelly
2nd AD – Ian Kelly
2nd 2nd AD – Deighton McKoy
1st AC – Manny Rodriguez
2nd AC – Percio Luciano
1st AC – Dan Rodriguez
2nd AC – Lawrence Odusanya
Steadicam – David Quateman
Gimbal Tech – Keith Ferreira
Drone Op – Aero Cine
Gaffer – Wayne McElroy
BBE – Mike Intile
Electric – Eddie Lorenzo, Claire Halloran, Jonathan Charles
Board Op – Ki Hwang
Key Grip – Patrick Pockets
BBG – Ace Vargas
Grip – Ben LeMon, Joshua Deveaux, Jessenia Zambrano
Production Designer – Ilana Portney
Art Coordinator – Hailee Mcclelland
Art Assistant – Syédah Butler
Art PA – Emily Simon
Truck PA – Jariel Maria
Office PA – Madison Baker
Set PA - Dash Porter, Victor DeCastro, AJ Roberts, Mike Lee, Peter Aiken, Shawn Aiken, Cody Terreson, Alex McPartland
Pass Van Driver - Sabrina Alvarez
Moho Driver - Abel Figueroa
Titles – Reduciano
Colorist - Josh Bohoskey, Matt Osborne
Lil Uzi Vert Grooming – Tenelle Veira
Label – Atlantic Records
Dance created by @drewjeeezy
Special thanks to Michael Simpson

Street videographers:

Special thanks to our TikTok dancers!

#LilUziVert #JustWannaRock

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All Comments (21)
  • spicy1ize
    Play this at a New Years Eve Party....The Crowd will Go Crazy 💪👍
  • Lazy Monk
    It's insane how impactful this song is. It makes you wanna rock every single time you play it. Just crazy
    Lil Uzi Vert é uma lenda!

    Damn bru, this beat is so hard! Make me going crazy💫
  • Song gets me hype every time, and the visuals are crazy good.
  • James Sykes
    This is where Rap will go !! Less violence more Vibes and Swag 🔥
  • Joshua Okoli
    The director , the editor , the 3d animator, camera man, light team did an amazing job
  • EthanStyle
    You know it’s a banger when it only last 2 minutes but two minutes are enough.
  • Missy North
    I always thought he was weird but I actually fell in love with this song it's just so different and makes you want to dance.
  • will J
    I'm a 60 year old man that being said it's a little difficult for me to get into the music today but this beat and this video gets me going I'm dancing with the young kids on the video and I'm going hard I love this track what happened to the dance music what happened to the feel-good music there needs to be more music like this not how many people I can shoot but can I have the next dance with a young lady I don't know when it came out I'm probably late but that's all right cuz I'm rocking it now I just became a fan
  • Marcelo Zoric
    Its crazy how experimental rap is becoming. Id say 36 pioneered the new sound all these dudes are on. This and Poland are bops for sure.
  • Jaspearer
    THIS SONG GOES CRAZYYYY!!!!! definitely getting stuck in my head for a few months bruh 💪
  • sc6ut
    the visuals on this are insanely nice
  • Jordan Wheatley
    This shit a masterpiece it’s gonna be remembered for ever
  • The production tho whoever shot this is a genius this was on the fly too
  • Estoy aquí porque es una buena persona que le pago los estudios a un chico para que termine la carrera, merece mis respetos, más personas así de humildes
  • MoneyGamo
    this going be a legendary song in 20 years.
  • juromah
    Kai and Uzi's energy is just unmatched as a duo
  • Chris Parsons
    This song gets your adrenaline rushing so fast hahah!!