Where Animals' Scientific Names Come From

Published 2022-10-03

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  • He's so humble that he didn't tell us about a whole bacteria genus named after him. What a legend.
  • @spaaps
    I'm studying biology, and Sam, I promise you, if I ever discover a new species I'm naming it after you
  • I now thoroughly believe that Sam's 2025 joke is definitely not a joke

  • This is gonna be a long shot, but at about 5:26 i can hear a very very vague sleighbell sound effect in the background.
    From what i can hear its identical to the one that plays during Cookie Clickers seasonal Christmas event, when a reindeer jumps across the screen (you can activate the event all year round).

    The theory goes: Dr. O'Nella was playing it in the background while recording, forgetting that the otherwise silent game would make that sound effect every so often. He then tried to edit it out but couldn't get it all out.
  • It’s been 9 months yet it feels like nine years, we miss you Sam O Nella please come back
  • It took him several years to wrap his head around these absurd names and he taught us in 9 minutes
    What a LEGEND.
  • So this is a very interesting phenomenon. The fanbase is very loyal, the numbers only seem to grow even in prolonged absence, and I've just realized there are of now just over sixty videos, which is very little for a channel with such proportions. My working theory is that the simplistic style and the educational, "fun facts" like content presented in an irreverent tone just never gets old. All videos in this channel, few as they are, can be watched many, many times without ever getting less interesting or entertaining, which I don't understand completely. It would be really cool if someone made an actual study on why this format works so well. Hey, good idea for any of you guys out there doing some study on education or something
  • @bobjoe258
    My bio teacher gave us: "Do kinky people come over for group sex" as a mnemomic and I still can't forget it even though I don't do anything bio related anymore.
  • @liamryan7239
    Man, I’m drunk rn and I love you. You don’t conform to anyone’s rules and you do what you do. Thank you man. No one has ever inspired me more than you.
  • This is the first Sam O’Nella video my brother isn’t alive to see, this channel was a great source of enjoyment for us and i’m glad to see you’re back :)
  • @antbereishit
    Sam really be giving us the "I'm just going for a milk." experience for a second time.
  • @11Floppa
    He taught us the most valuable lesson of all: Patience
  • @WashingMachine.
    Sam really is the type of guy to say "man i cant wait for 2025" and then proceed to wait till 2025.
  • @Swedicus
    Thanks to Sam for setting me up with an acronym that made me pass my final biology exam for college.
    What a man
  • This man popped in, outshined dream's face reveal with his mere presence, doesn't elaborate, and leaves.

    Fuckin legend.
  • @TheFool87
    This bloke came after 3 years, released just one video, gained 1 million new subscribers in a month and fucked off again. What a legend.
  • Sam really needs to make a video about real life species named after fictional characters
  • Words cannot describe my excitement to see this legend return. I physically kept out of my chair and screamed when I saw this. It’s good to have you back, Sam.
  • @TrunkyDunks
    I have a feeling, we will get one video a year forever and sam will just be living his life as normal. Which I can respect, he knows his value and influence and has struck a chord with so many because hes relateable.

    Can't knock a man for knowing his worth but doing what he loves instead, and I just hope Sam is happy doing whatever hes doing instead of videos. Thats the real dream