Where Animals' Scientific Names Come From

Published 2022-10-03

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  • shadow network
    i truly admire sam o'nella, without any build up or announcement, he returns to youtube after nearly 3 years
  • Luke The Legend
    I’m genuinely afraid that he wasn’t joking when he said he’d come back in 2025
  • bmcc12
    I am kind of enraptured with your videos. Please don’t ever stop, I’m 75 years old and I appreciate your humor. Don’t let us down!
  • LukeDaDuke
    I’m taking a science quiz and the study guide tells me to use a mnemonic device to help me memorize the levels. Thank you salmonella for the recommendations, and as much as I want to use the last mnemonic device, I feel like that would be a one way ticket to the detention room
  • Fun fact...i was reading through one of my "The Far Side" books when I read upon something that I related to, giving this video covered that people have things named after people... In March 15, 1989 Mr. Larson the publisher of the Far Side had a lice "Mallophaga" order "Anopolura" only found in a new species of owl was named : "Strigiphilus garylarsoni" after the author.... just something I saw when reading lol
  • hebOO Al-Sherif
    As a zoologist who spends hours everyday classifying animal I’m glad more people are learning about taxonomy. It’s such an interesting topic!
  • MC
    The “Bitis” viper made me laugh more than it should have
  • saint
    there’s actually a species of tardigrade named after yukako yamagishi’s stand love deluxe from jojo’s bizarre adventure - discovered in 2012 - because of its ‘hairy appearance’. the two researchers who discovered it said it was almost like the creature was being controlled by the stand which is how it got its name!
  • MrMothman
    My favorite example of Principle of Priority is the Hatzegopteryx, an extinct species of pterosaur, who belonged in the Azhdarchidae family and was discovered in Hațeg, which in the late cretaceous was an island consisting of dwarf dinosaurs. The pterosaur was originally going to be named "Titanopteryx", for its massive height, which was 15 feet when it was standing on all fours. However, the name "Titanopteryx" was already taken, by, you guessed it, a fly.
  • HoneySulphur
    There’s an ancestor of the starfish called a “basket star”. The discoverer named the two discovered ancestors “Melusinaster alissawhitegluzae” and “Melusinaster arcusinimus” both referring to the melodic metal band Arch Enemy and their current vocalist. You can probably figure which one is which.
    There’s also a protein that’s part of brain cell called Pikachurin. You can probably figure out the reference.
  • Wesley Ward
    1.3M views in 6 hours is an accurate representation of how much we missed this guy.
  • William Uemura
    I distinctly remember the period of my life where I binged this guy’s videos one after the other. I’m glad this guy’s following has more than doubled since he’s last posted; he deserves it!
  • 杀手兔埃伦
    Welcome back ❤

    When the German zoologist found red-crowned crane in Japan in 1776, he named it Grus japonensis, or Japanese crane naturally, although it’s actually originated from China. It was not a big deal since the red-crowned crane means a lot in both cultures, but after WWII, we started feeling not very comfortable with the name, which became one of reasons why we don’t have our National bird yet.
  • saxboi
    One of my favorites is a species of wasp that was discovered in Kenya in 2015. The guy who discovered it named it after the then-goalie for the Boston Bruins, Tuukka Rask, because it moved similar to how he used to make glove saves. Thus, it was named Thaumatodryinus tuukkaraski.
  • UnclesLumbago
    I have a cousin who is studying to become a biologist who’s a big fan. He’s literally told me if he discovers anything he’ll name it after sam
  • Dev
    Comes back after years, talks about animal names, and is gone like the wind once again
  • 11Floppa
    He taught us the most valuable lesson of all: Patience
  • Ren4issance -
    Wtf he’s BACK!!!!! Really hoping we get more content this year and into 2023, it’s always such an entertaining and informative channel to watch! Fingers crossed it doesn’t take until 2025 for the next video though…