Published 2022-11-16

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⚡️Fanum aka JustFanum

⚡️Duke aka Duke Dennis

⚡️Agent aka Agent 00

⚡️Davis aka ImDavisss

⚡️ Kai aka Kai Cenat

⚡️Chris aka chrisnxtdoor
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All Comments (21)
  • @kc.21k
    Chris's comedic timing and rapping skills has drastically increased through the vids lately. Gotta give that man his props
  • It’s not an AMP video without Chris talking to the camera alone at a corner AHAHAHAH
  • @candelynmonae
    I’m still confused on how Chris stole the salad and still lost 😂
  • @saxd4320
    The way Chris was able to make tears come out in the end during his motivational speech is crazy 😂😂
  • @dwdon5905
    Chris: comedic timing on point
    Kai: always bring the hilarious negativity
    Fanum: the guy that don’t even gotta try and he still funny
  • @tpwksue8946
    KAI SAYING “Astaghfirullah he can’t eat that” HAS ME CRYIN
  • @crystalterry20
    fanum getting riled up over the idea of bacon and cheese egg rolls is too funny
  • @datscrazy4095
    Fanum took being built like a Lunch Lady to a WHOLE NOTHER level
  • @DeezNuts-gd9xy
    "One of Chris's weaknesses is life" got me 🤣🤣🤣
  • @aubreypita9027
    Chris had me in tears how he steal a salad and still loose is beyond me 😭
  • @Alan-gk1ou
    Fannum laughing at Kai for not being able to see out of he’s right eye got me dead
  • @prettyzooted6288
    This Hells Kitchen was MUCH better then the first, a better structure on how everything will work, an actual chef to judge, more than one camera for shooting, a kitchen with two sides so you can cook at the same time, chef outfits and not just aprons, and microphones on everyone individually! Great video guys keep up the improvements on the content!
  • @Uncle_shadd
    Are we just gonna ignore how Kai literally had the chef eat some food off the floor? 😂😂😂
  • @arian2716
    chris has always been the funniest his humor is on a different level
  • @ForzasPanda
    WOW!! this was actually a good ass inspirational story lmao Chris went from being no help and being at his lowest mental point in life due to his lack of culinary skills, but flipped the script when he decided to instead double down on his strengths, team morale, keeping the guys together, providing the laughs, and ultimately the victory for the Black Team all while earning MVP for the team. Absolutely inspirational.
  • Chris always puts his self in a corner 🤣
    Can you imagine him as a child like eff a whooping I'ma just put myself right here. 😆
  • @markodumb1521
    This man Chris said "Duke just told me to hit the Dougie🥲" then Duke said "one of his weaknesses is life'😭😭
  • @vickramsingh5814
    love the childish energy and different personalities really mesh well together everyone feel included. good job on the staff keeping cool and calm during the food fight cause they know the memo of a good video.
  • @yasha_xgamings6563
    The fact that Kai fanum and Chris is over here having a food fight and the rest aren't paying it no mind is funny lmao
  • @inn3rg894
    Chris made me damn near choke while I was eating at 6:18 😭😭😭
    AMP never fails to make me laugh