Brooklyn and Dakota's OFFICIAL WEDDING VIDEO

Published 2022-10-05
Here is Brooklyn and Dakota's wedding video!

We have been looking forward to this day for months and now it is finally here! We decided to have our wedding in California since that's where the stunning venue was located!

We kick-started the morning off with makeup and hair, and then moved on to bridal photos and first looks, Dakota cried so much it was so sweet! Once the first looks were finished, Dakota and I took some beautiful pictures together. (Special thanks to Ty and Abba for the bestttt pics!) Finally, it was time for the actual ceremony, which Asa officiated. This whole day was a dream come true!

From family pics to dinner and reception, the entire day was a dream! Enjoy this stunning video of my special day!

THANK YOU to Devin our videographer, who filmed and edited this stunning video so quickly!

❤️'s - Brooklyn

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All Comments (21)
  • I love how Brooklyn's wedding vibe was so different to Bailey's yet both so unique and beautiful in their own way! 🥰
  • @TimeBucks
    This is the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen
  • @mackydoodle1832
    Seeing Dakota cry as he sees Brooklyn in her dress for the first time has me in my feels!!! So, so cute! You can just see how much they love and care for eachother! Ugh, I’m so happy for both of them 🥹💚
  • I love how the videographer made it feel like they were the only ones there. So intimate and special for them. Overall absolutely beautiful 😍
  • @hq8529
    I love how their weddings were so different!! Like Bailey's was more out there with all the dance performances and music band and stuff...and Brooklyn's was just really private and quite and calm...Also..I could literally feel the love they share thro the screen!!! Congratulations!!!
  • @jessibarra6489
    I just love how Asa was the one marrying you guys that is such a special thing and probably meant so much to him because he is your twins husband. This entire video was beautiful the theme was immaculate so romantic and so freaking beautiful.! Congratulations to the both of you❤
  • This is having me in tears all over again! Love you both, Brooklyn and Dakota! Such a happy day! ❤'s -Mindy
  • @7200sunshine
    I feel like I've watched these girls grow up with learning to do the hairstyles on my daughter for almost 15 years. So watching them get married was moving. Definitely brought tears to my eyes from happiness. I wish them both the best in their marriages!
  • @meganking2205
    I sobbed the whole way through but I sobbed harder when her dad turned around and even harder when Dakota did! This is such a well made and special video for a wonderful couple 🥰
  • Brooklyn and Dakota's love story is proof that everyone eventually ends up with the one meant for them. The one meant for us won't pass us by. All in divine timing❤
    Congratulations Brooklyn and Dakota!!!
  • @user-gk3gh2cv6x
    Bailey's wedding was like from a fairytale princess movie and Brooklyn's was like a garden fairy movie. Both so magical
  • @m.j.4027
    Never have I ever cried on a wedding video of someone I don't actually know :/

    But in all seriousness, this is like a dream. Hopefully, I'll have something like this one day.

    Congrats Brooklyn! I wish you a happy marriage! <3
  • The way Dakota started tearing up when he saw Brooklyn is exactly how I want my wedding to go ❤
  • brooklyns wedding was an exact representation of how i want mine, so STUNNING😍
  • @sugaudacity
    it’s mindblowing how incredible your family is at creating such stunning and magical weddings… congrats brooklyn and dakota 💛
  • I’m only a teenager. And I cried during this. This is everything I ever wanted in a wedding. Absolutely stunning Brooklyn. The songs were a great choice.
  • @pinkstephie12
    I don't even know them personally and this made me tear up. You can see the love in their eyes and in the way they hold eachother. Congratulations
  • Probably one of the most beautiful wedding films I've ever seen! And I'm sure it was even more beautiful in person! Congrats Brooklyn and Dakota! <3
  • I have been watching this channel since Brooklyn and Bailey were 13 or 14 years old so witnessing them both getting married is so beautiful. This is the most stunning wedding video I have ever watched. This is definitely my dream wedding FOR SURE. Congrats Brooklyn and Dakota!! Sending you both love and happiness <3
  • @AmelieDG12
    Dakota’s reaction to seeing Brooklyn in her dress for the first time, so incredibly sweet! It had me in tears too.. He seems like the perfect man for her, so sweet and caring yet adventurous. I’m so happy for them both 💕