This is why Giannis accidentally knocked the ladder over! #shorts #76ers #giannisantetokounmpo

Published 2022-11-20

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  • Hendrix🎸
    Montrez really tried to kick an MVP off the court after scoring a whopping 1 pt in that game.
  • emo nemo
    "Lemme get my thumbnail real quick"
  • Montez Harrell always playing tough he need to worry bout them weed charges he got 😂😂
  • Brandon Kelley
    Montrez acting like the big bad wolf😂He soft asf
  • Shout out to you puttin the real story out there buddy!! Need more like you 😂
  • 215demon
    “Accidentally knocked the ladder over” 😂😂 pretty hard to do tbh

    Edit: Haha y’all are mad
  • SorceLord
    Ppl trying to pack up and go home get outta here bruh lol
  • Arturo Moore
    Was he at his home court if not you ain't bout to practice on my ish foh lol
  • Mike Creger
    That's what an MVP does. Practice, worry about your game not petty BS.
  • DottaYT
    Montrez was on demon timing he was even finna fight Giannis Brother 😭😭
  • Zkap Starz
    Tough guy knocking out a ladder 🪜😂
  • TheHighHorse
    The staff gotta go home as well.
    Plus this ain’t home court.
  • Vito Rim
    Love the fact his brother came out that's what's up
  • Kyle Kramer
    I just wanna shout myself out as being the dude in the foreground 😂
  • This is on Giannis. He has a private court available to him at all times. He can afford to drop 500+ a day on private courts. He should have just left the court and let the crew do their jobs.
  • REALLY THAT SHOCKS ME that the media doesn't show or ppl don't see the full video
  • starzz_LU
    It's okay to get extra work, but he doesn't own the court
  • Tyler Lutz
    “Accidentally knocks over ladder” throws ladder on the ground
  • Pao Saelee
    Damn what if he push that big ass ladder down and it hit the lady and her daughter.. that would crazy