Spiderman knows more than you think

Published 2022-10-06
Peter Parker knows more than you think... In Tobey Maguire's Spiderman 1, if you look at his eyes here, you would see the twin towers. And here, he captures the robbers' helicopter between these towers. Unlike Tom Holland or Andrew Garfield's spider-man movies, these were in the trailer of the film, and after 9/11, they removed these scenes from the movie.

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  • Waluboi
    Ur telling me that this world’s Spider-Man was too lazy to stop 911
  • Lucas Goodwin
    Movie: has twin towers in it
    Random guy on the internet: THEY PREDICTED 9/11
  • Ct-7567
    “Peter Parker knows more than you think” Darth bully Maguire igniting his lightsaber
  • Shay159
    He forgot the part where that's his problem
  • Karma
    Twin towers: Exists in a movie

    The Directors: "We can't show that."
  • Aditya Sahare
    Spiderman : I missed the part where that's my problem
  • Mabus
    Yeah, I remember seing the original Trailer in cinema before 9/11. The film was release shortly after. They very obviously cut it out and added in the end scene where spiderman is hanging on an American flag.
  • Criim
    I can't unhear the fact that the background music is a standard preset of Garage Band on mobile
  • Su Meh
    "They removed the scenes fro----"
  • DeadHamburger
    This video went right over my head. Then it hit me.
  • DemonDrummer1018
    That’s the most illogical connection I’ve heard of in a while…
  • AlbonyAlbino
    We all know someone would’ve been offended by it
  • Nitzan
    Darth maguire is now the new lord of the empire
  • DizzyTZ
    Is this guy saying the movie predicted 9/11 because the movie had the famous landmark in a few scenes that got removed because of the event?
  • LORD_M
    Yo GUYS ITS Darth Maguire
  • chiappo 2.0
    Oh... so Peter Parker is a dark lord of the sith.