Published 2022-11-19
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All Comments (21)
  • @madds8279
    She probably thinking "IMA WHOOP HIM SINCE HE DONT RECOGNIZE ME"
  • I was not expecting Preston to get it right!
    Although it has been a long time together!
  • Hoai huyen
    The fact this video made #4 for gaming just shows how superior he is to not have to play a game to reach the top
  • Can we take a moment to say how the numb nail the other girl with a kissy face not Brianna is Pierson for the Squad ( Brent Rivera 's squad)😂😀😊
  • @jonnaalviso
    Something that I appreciate about Mark is how he focuses so much on other projects/his daily life, but when he sits down to play a game like this you can tell that he still really cares about being serious about it--since he cares about us. It also shows that he really loves what he does, which is so much easier to watch than someone who is just throwing out half-assed content to hit the deadlines. We appreciate both your hustle and staying true to what's important, Mark.
  • @user-pv7fq6xz4n
    SUPER hyped for this new series!!! (double upload, one at a time, doesnt matter long as we got some Jev content)
  • @trinhthang7430
    The voice acting in this game is phenomenal. That frustration in Atreus' voice when he says "great, I guess everyone's against me now" sounded so realistic.
    And Mimir saying "something bad did happen! LOOK AT ME! At Freya, at Tyr! Odin did this to us!" was so well delivered
    Props to the voice actors
  • @phamsang3646
    Petition for mark to have his own podcast where he just reads stories. Literally anything. His voice is so soothing. 8)
  • @user-dt7lb2gl3i
    I love how she gets inspired by movies, anime, and all types of popular tv shows to just keep us entertained. We love you Jess
  • Hoang nuong
    I like that Rose actually reacts to the environment. Her breath gets heavier when its spooky and she also stops and comments on stuff like the hands hanging from the ceiling and the messages from the teddys. Makes it more immersive that the characters themselves are also creeped out and not completely unfazed by it.
  • @user-lq8ni7ix6z
    I absolutely love Charlie, always going out of his way and doing everything he can to help people in any way possible whether it's with money, with a silly competition, a serious stream to promote exposure but still being silly to make people jus laugh, a charity stream or just something as simple as streaming to thousands of viewers every day making us all laugh and constantly putting smiles on her faces. I don't know about you guys but that sure does a lot for me thank you charlie, for just simply being new <3
  • @babyblink86
    Perston was so happy when he saw his wife bri and bri's face light's up my heart opened