“Carry On” - Being The Elite Ep. 323

Published 2022-11-21
The guys are finally back.

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“Being The Elite Theme Song”
“Warrior’s Cry”
By Matthew Lee Massie

Cover of "Warriors Cry" By Dillon Spears

Intro Animation By Wrestling Arcade (@wrestlingarcade)
Outro Animation By Maria Lyng (@MariaLyngPoulse)

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  • bgfarm85
    I love how Vance is just chillin behind Cutler the whole skit
  • Hector Cano
    I love how Moxley was in the back just posing
  • Bartek
    And of course we get a clip of THAT chant 🤣 never change Brandon
  • musickid43
    Dark order going through all the stages of grief in such a short time for missing Vance was really funny.
  • aliss liou
    Same energy as coming back to school after summer break, talking to your friends and picking up old jokes and trying to start new ones, missed BTE so much
  • I love how Dark Order is doing their bit about trying to call Preston, and you see in the very next clip that he's standing right there.
  • Danny Bell
    Can we all just acknowledge how utterly amazing Kenny Omega looked at the PPV? Could not believe it.
  • Tremendous
    That entrance and that match was frickin awesome. It's great to have you guys back. You mean alot to so many people. Much love and respect.
  • Harley_CatxXes
    Kenny is in NJPW Wrestle Kingdom shape, he looks incredible.
  • PopularNobody
    Matt singing and getting cut off by nick is hilarious 😂
  • zomboy
    nick saying "you got me on the bangbus" made me laugh so hard 😂
  • Adriana Dampson
    I missed you guys so much. I smiled so much watching bte again. Please don't leave like that again.. 😢
  • LOL Silver talking about Rush coming in his face made me spit up my water 😅
  • Nick looked like a new man at the PPV, just an amazing performance. Maybe we outta sit you boys for a couple months more often. I can't believe we're also going to see 6 of the best of their era in a best of 7, I cannot even imagine what's in store.
  • StogeBuyerMike
    Mox in the background posing for pictures while Nick is talking about the Bang Bus is so random lol. Glad you're back boys.
  • Le thang
    Rewatching this stuff not in remembrance but to see if I can still enjoy his content without feeling down that hes gone. I can safely say his videos will forever be a joyful watch for me, even with the knowledge of his passing.
    Bloody legendary skills to make people laugh. Legends never die :-D
  • dynamo wytmin
    great entrance,and insanely awesome match...props to all 6 talented gents!
  • Ly nam
    rewatching these videos makes me grateful that no matter what he was going through, even before cancer, he always uploaded videos for us, his viewers, to watch.

    Rest Easy and in peace Techno, thank you for everything you did.

    This my favorite video to rewatch as I, and many others are still grieving over the loss of him. Technoblade will never die in the hearts of his loyal fanbase.

    Truly again, thank you Technoblade for everything.
  • 22:25 so I wasn't just hearing things in the theater watching this on Sunday. 🤔 Great match! Glad BTE is back!