4 BEST Dump and Go Crockpot Recipes | CHEAP Quick & Easy Slow Cooker Meals Your Family Will Love

Published 2022-10-02
4 BEST Dump and Go Crockpot Recipes | CHEAP COZY Quick & Easy Slow Cooker Meals Your Family Will Love For Fall

Hey friends, I’m sharing 4 of the BEST Crockpot dinner recipes that I’ve EVER made! I’ve got you covered with dump and go Tex Mex, warm and cozy meats and gravy, and delicious Italian flavors, too. These are EVERY ONE a tried and true family favorite, perfect for a cozy fall dinner or just a quick weeknight meal anytime of the year. As always, they are all budget friendly and use simple ingredients found in most everyone’s pantry or grocery store. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your time with me, I hope you will subscribe and come back every week for more.
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  • Hey friends Happy Sunday night thank you so much for watching. I'm actually out of town tonight but I will be with you in the comments soon. Have a great week 🥰
  • Mark Whitney
    This is wonderful. One of my volunteer duties is to help underprivileged people to learn how to care for themselves. Crock*Pots can be found in thrift stores since most people have gone to Instant Pots. Teaching people how to make large enough meals using simple ingredients and one appliance cuts down on the anxiety and confusion they usually have when trying to cook for themselves or their family. Thank you so much for these videos.
  • Mer Meridian
    I genuinely appreciate how you SHOW viewers that it's perfectly right to use 'store brand' ingredients! Some people may try to be a bit hoity toity about it but others may honestly be a bit wary but seeing a fine cook like yourself using them should let them ALL know that doing so is perfectly fine.
  • Romy P
    The Salisbury Steak was devine. I doubled up the recipe and chopped up some baby bella mushrooms. I cooked on high on high 4 hours and it was very moist. I served it up with pickled red cabbage , green beans and instant potatoes.
    Thank you !
  • Debbie Woods
    I know my husband is going to love the Salisbury Steaks. Yummy! Thanks Mel!
  • These crock pot dinners look amazing, Mel! I can’t wait to try them all. Thank you so much for another great video from your kitchen! ❤️
  • Bonni Owens
    I made the Salisbury steak a couple weeks ago and the recipe is right on…being a senior and cooking for one this is absolutely perfect.. I made two larger Salisbury steaks so I can have an extra one next night.. thank you for the quick and easy but delicious recipe…
  • Loving your channel! So simple with an amazing taste! I don't have to google the ingredients lol LOVE THAT!
  • Michael Bienes
    Hey There Mel, Love all these recipes you showed us today. I live by myself and these recipes will go a long way. I can freeze the left overs or take them into work and have it for lunch. Thanks again.
  • That Salisbury steak looks so much better than the kind I make (which is the frozen dinners from the grocery store 😂), everything looks delicious! I’ve made the OG chicken pasta in the Instant Pot, but not the crockpot yet.
  • Shirley Lerma
    I'm always looking for a good crock pot recipes, I find it very convenient for weeknight dinners for busy people, and definitely gonna add these to my collection, Thank you so much for sharing your recipes with us. ❤️
  • kimmye8
    My family loves it when I make Salisbury steak but it's pretty time consuming to make, so I'm excited to try this crockpot way of doing it.
  • Kathy Young
    Everything looked so yummy! I just made that Southwest Chicken Taco meat last week. It’s a family favorite at our house too😉
    Definitely want to try the Salisbury Steak recipe soon. Love crockpot recipes!! Thanks for sharing 😊
  • Lady smith 357
    These recipes are perfect for me. My husband doesn’t really like crockpot dishes or casseroles. I’m like of course you don’t… it’s too easy so it couldn’t possibly be good. 😊He’s going to love it when I bake a chicken pot pie this coming weekend. He doesn’t like them either but c’mon… it’s only fair that I get to fix something I like every once in a while. Right?? 😊
  • Katie King
    Hi Momma Mel! My company hosted a Crock-Off today and although I entered into it weeks ago, I didn't think about what to make until this weekend. I searched for crock pot meals like the ones you shared in this video and decided on the Olive Garden Creamy Chicken and Pasta. I won the competition! So, I wanted to thank you for sharing! :)
  • Sandy Beach
    What great recipes. Can't wait to try them. Thanks Momma Mel!
  • LindaH-65
    Thank you for showing that you spray your crockpot before each recipe! A lot of recipes and instructors leave that step out. 😘
  • Morticia
    Loved this video!! My crockpot never gets put away and I'm always looking for easy meals to toss in it. I'm trying all of these. 👍
  • lula mae mcrae
    Hello Mama Mel, How are ya'll doing tonight? We are doing well. Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful delicious looking recipes. Everything looks so good.I have the ingredients for the chicken and pasta,so I will be trying that one. Sending love & continued prayers to you & your family. Ya'll be blessed and have a wonderful week. Love from Lula Mae & Family. 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕