I Collected Every Illegal Item In Minecraft Hardcore

Published 2022-10-06
In this video we go back in time through Minecrafts versions to collect the most illegal items in the game in 100% hardcore! If you enjoyed this video remember to leave a like, it helps ya boy out a lot :D

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All Comments (21)
  • diamond dog
    kolanii really made a secret door for his single-player world. this man has balls
  • Jerry
    The concept, the execution, the explaining, and especially the EDITING of this video are all top tier. This must have taken a lot of time to pull off, and it’s so entertaining and interesting!! Thanks for putting this together!
  • OptiFire
    Kolanii, you forgot about Petrified Oak slabs. It's only available in Creative mode for now, but in earlier versions it was possible to get it in Survival
  • SomeRandomGuy
    This is my first time watching this guy, and I am unbelievably flabbergasted as to how he had the will to complete all of this.

    This guys sanity is literally made of steel.
  • LittleDan
    Let's take a moment to appreciate how much effort he spent into making this. It is so awesome good job!
  • youve got some dedication, and you've found sucess on YT so quickly... big respect. the pether nortal process seemed so annoying and tedious i could never lmao
  • shnazzydan
    Kolanii's unenthusiastic enthusiasm is just peak comedy
  • CMAN54
    the amount of creativity kolanii has is insane 😂
  • Potato
    Props to Kolanii for not just taking all the illegal items from the creative mode version
  • Zoie Cook
    I've watched both you and Calvin and I've got a Rolodex of Brim lineups. I use yours the most and that's why I wanted to say I appreciate you putting these helpful videos out. You seriously have to be one of the best Brims to currently play the game. The only thing that has been a learning curve is the dot crosshair vs a standard crosshair but you are great.
  • Tucker Brown
    You missed one: you used to be able to get the end city portal block by blowing it up with a wither spawn.
  • Skyes
    youre actually insane, i think you have the greatest hardcore world now
  • MasonK
    This is probably one of the best hardcore worlds to ever live- He managed to get so many cursed items in survival without corrupting his world?! Insane and very UNDERRATED! Keep this up kolanii! 👏🏽👏🏽
  • Chase K
    This was such a good video. Had me hooked in the first minute, and kept me around. great content
  • ReaperLIVE
    can we all just appreciate how much effort he puts into all this, good work
  • Eeri
    the amount of effort he puts into his videos is unfathomable.
  • ThatLocalAsian
    When Kolanii said: "its illegalin' time" then started to illegal all over the place, was truly a moment. Thank you for bringing us this moment, Mr. Kolanii.
  • NerChick
    You forgot about uncraftable potions. You can get them by shiftclicking items into an enchanting table in older version ~1.12
  • Larva Tuba Show
    You know it’s gonna be a good month when kolanii uploads