Tukoh Taka - Official FIFA Fan Festival™ Anthem | Nicki Minaj, Maluma, & Myriam Fares (FIFA Sound)

Published 2022-11-18
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All Comments (21)
  • @obre01yt
    FIFA: Hagan una canción que haga referencia a los países, la emoción la pasión.

    El productor: Tuku tuku tukutata tuku tata
  • @-mac_N_chEEse
    This is so inspirational and heartwarming, I can feel the tukoh taka coming inside of me
  • @amalakram8755
    To those of you who don't understand arabic, she's saying the most heart warming, empowering lyrics, it's to remind us of unity and the meaning of world cup, such genius yet simple lyricism, truly wonderful
  • @angeltruth4311
    The song "Tukoh Taka" featured in the FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022 was absolutely exciting and captivating. Its infectious beats and catchy lyrics had fans from all over the world dancing and singing along. The song perfectly captured the spirit of the tournament, creating an atmosphere of excitement and celebration. Well done Qatar for showcasing their rich culture and showing the world that diversity is a beautiful thing. The mixture of traditional Qatari music with modern elements made "Tukoh Taka" a true representation of the country's vibrant and inclusive society. It not only entertained the audience but also fostered a sense of unity among fans, regardless of their nationality or background. 😊😊🌷🌷
  • Best song ever. Always play it when I’m in a rush to leave my house so I go as fast as possible to get away from it.
  • @Jack2x92
    This is such a powerful song! My friend was in wheelchair since last 9 years. It gave him power to Stand up and walk to the tv to turn it off
  • @haydenfung8825
    It is way more meaningful than going on a charity walk, that my blood from my vessels came out from my eyes, i cant stop crying because of this beautiful thing!
  • @AlvaroDavid123
    Wow,no me imagen una cancion en arabe,español e ingles,QUE VIVA EL FUTBOL
  • @usera310
    ja passou um ano que saudade meu deuss
  • Very meaningful. When she says tokotokotakaka it just brings the world together
  • @Ale-jz8kc
    Aquí escuchándola completa por primera después de 5 meses del mundial
  • @aishakhan224S
    True World Cup song was wavin flag hands down! Showed real emotions ❤️
  • @robertavila1863
    I'm obsessed. Just heard this song for the 1st time last night. What a Sunday! Song makes me wanna pour myself a tall glass of Bacardi 151, and start a fiesta at midnight
  • @JefferyGabyy
    Nicki Minaj está arrasando com seu verso! ela é simplesmente incrível ❤️
  • @Yaamawusi
    this video clip is really cool especially when I saw my country's flag......I'm soo proud to be to Ghanaian
  • I love the fact that neither English, Spanish or Arabic had meaningful lyrics and a deep meaning that adds to the world cup.
  • @goalie09
    Even though its been 3 months since the world cup. This song plays in my head every day. Even though i really don't like it it's to addictive
  • @duchenchoco4994
    Meu Deus, nunca senti tanta falta de ser interrompido por esse anúncio no YouTube. Assistir Copa do Mundo é maravilhoso, não tem jeito 🥹🥹🥹