TOUR of our NEW $1,000,000 Compound! (Rush Park)

Published 2022-11-21
Welcome to our new home and compound where we are building Rush park! Our big idea to build a backyard extreme theme park! @Corey Funk

Business: [email protected]

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  • Funk Bros
    Welcome to Rush Park, comment what insane thing YOU think we should build!
  • Build a giant mega ramp slip and slide that launches into a blob and makes you go extra high into the water
  • Drew Dirksen
    SO STOKED for you boys! So amazing to see what you’ve accomplished and what is to come!
  • Doan an
    I was rolling on the floor the entire episode: the bad anvil pun, the quick cut from copper mining to Tango's farm, Scar, the LOLcat discovery, everything! Such a blast. :-)
  • Jeff Narrow
    I'm so happy that you got a property that you can do whatever the hell you want without people getting pissed off all the time. Can't wait to see all the epic content you come up with.
  • Le cong
    so thankful for Cory posting 8 parts for this story line, its the only thing keeping me going right now tbh. he works so hard to edit and film all of this content for us <3 =O:)
  • zfg hbs803
    I'm new to the channel but I wish I had found him sooner. His dry humor, the roasting of his peers, the commentary about random things, his genius fight strategies.... I love it. May his family find comfort in this sad time
  • Sonny Riggs
    Ethan and Simon sniggering and laughing together like two naughty kids at the back of the class is my favourite part of this video. I love how you can put any two of the Sidemen together and theyre just instantly hilarious because theyre all genuinely such good friends. :-o :-o
  • Pham vuong
    Let's just appreciate how much a time and work he put into these videos
  • This is so sick! I can't wait to follow this journey with y'all and see what crazy things you guys come up with! 😱👏🏻
  • La thang
    IShowBalls, this stream changed my life. My entire view of everything that exists in this world, in fact, even in the entire universe. I can never look at anything I know the same way again. This stream represents emotions that most humans could never understand. But I can. Thanks to this stream I was awakened to many things previously considered unimaginable. Thank you for this exquisite stream, I will never forget this experience
  • Hoai dat
    This whole game has been a fantastic interpretation of the source material. It has been "You thought it would happen this way, when really it happened this way". Like, Surtr and his wife being "combined" They technically are. I love it. Or with Fenrir dying in the first part of the game, but then being reborn and now Fenrir can fulfill prophecy. It's insane and I love it.
  • Sterling Rider
    I really don’t have an idea for Rush Park, but always wanting to push myself personally, this is amazing. Hope you guys (Corey especially) will be able to build this with no/very little problems. I hope to someday come see it myself, and would love to maybe be a potential guest once I’m done with my service in the military. Best of luck to you both and I look forward to seeing the progress continue!
  • Owen
    Cant wait to see all the amazing things you build and accomplish ❤
  • No neighbors, no hoa to tell you what to do , this house for corey is gonna bring amazing content and i can't wait to see Corey do a zipline leading to the pond
  • Lachie Page
    You should definitely make a giant two person zip line from one end of the property to the other and then you could have awesome races. Love your work guys can’t wait to see how the house goes🔥🔥
  • dsg Fgcx
    Im honestly impressed by the work you put into these videos, keep it up! :)
  • I’ve been watching you guys for 6 years and it’s crazy to see how far you guys have gone, I love it keep it up and keep making your dreams come true!
  • Gabriel Little
    Im honestly impressed by the work you put into these videos, keep it up! :)