Video shows massive waves sweeping up people walking along South Beach boardwalk

Published 2022-09-30
Multiple people were hurt after massive waves swept them into the surf while they were walking along the boardwalk.

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  • evan hainey
    The power of water is so scary as someone who lived through a whirlpool i can tell you the fear you feel when being dragged under water is unfathomable. My advice from my own personal experience, is to let the water take you don't fight it!! let it push you where it's going to push you and when you get the opportunity swim is hard as you can for the shore or low lying tree limbs. Dont fight the water save your strength and keep calm if you keep a level head your chances of survival increase greatly! Also protect your head and keep your feet in front of you. God be with everyone who is affected by this hurricane!
  • Ian Andersen
    The random surfer dude at the end was priceless! Thanks for that genius advice!
  • M Something
    Here in NC it's been raining on and off all day but the winds are picking up. Regular wind gusts have the trees seriously swaying and dead branches falling. Since we live right next to the walking entrance to a greenway, (a TREE lined walking trail) I find it amazing people are still heading out for walks, under those trees with strong wind gusts. Last year on this trail we a guy killed when a tree limb got him, people never seem to learn.
  • Lis K
    Rogue waves can come in from the ocean at any time; not just after a storm.
  • scrubjay93
    Growing up and spending lots of time on the Oregon coast, mom and dad told us when we were little "never turn your back on the waves" because people had giant old-growth logs roll right over them and squish them into the sand. And they let us play on the beach alone all day unsupervised because we understood. I'm sorry these people never received that very basic education.
  • Deb L.
    People are told to stay away from the ocean when there are storms. The fact people ignore warnings and get close it's bound to happen.
  • Yes let's go for a walk along the beach that's just calming down from a category 4 hurricane.... Makes sense
  • Perry Sanders
    Surfer Dude responded Perfectly, People just can't Fathom, It Really is That Simple......
  • DdDavidtv
    I was dragged out by the water once I let the water take me. Was so far out but then slowly the tide brought back in enough that I could get back safely. Definidor don’t fight it and don’t panic
  • Chong Xi Na
    The surfer 🏄‍♂️ 😂 “Yeah ya gotta be safe with these killer waves out here man!” With his wet suit and serf board. 😂 I live in England and one day it was so windy on the beach it was like a sandstorm, I could hardly breath or see, nobody else is on the beach, I knew I needed to not be there too. Then I see some dude with his wet suit and board all alone on an empty beach in killer conditions sprinting to the sea like a mad man. These surfers are something else.
  • Renata Cantore
    That was breathtakingly Terrifying!!! Thank God that they survived ❤
  • Jessica Shortt
    when you are going to be dumb than you better be strong. Glad they are okay but hopefully they got some sense knocked into them
  • brownwolf
    I was surfing earlier today and I told them to be careful with the waves, but they just laughed .
  • diafasshat
    those people getting "swept up" by those waves... they're the same kind of people that get mauled by a bear while trying to take a selfie, then blame the "vicious" bear for it's sudden unwarranted attack
  • Daniel Hackney
    Wow, the walk way looked so safe and in a split second a wave of ocean water. The women on the walk way looked completely stunned.
  • R V
    That surfer was smiling for the waves 👋
  • Dave Brown
    LOL, yep let's blame the waves and not the people. Waves can't THINK... But people can ( I think) LOL
  • Adayah
    For those of us who lived on the west coast in California. Those types of waves and rough surf are all too familiar.
  • Keith Bell
    "Get closer Marge!"
    "You gotta get closer to those huge waves so I can capture this on video!"