Food Theory: Do NOT Eat NyQuil Chicken!

Published 2022-10-02
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I can't believe I need to say this but DON'T EAT chicken cooked in NyQuil! Like Tide Pods and questionable Pink Sauce, there are things that are just not meant to be ingested. Today I'm going to explain why the NyQuil chicken challenge is dangerous and why we need to stop trying viral food hacks that we KNOW are bad for us just for the views. Safety first and let's dive in!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Tyler Mascola
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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All Comments (21)
  • Just Stop
    That was a close one, if Mat Pat wouldn't have posted this video I would have for sure eaten the dreaded, Blue Chicken. You one of the real ones Mat.
  • RinAtePaste
    We need way more people like Matt. He's doing what the news has failed to do: shut down fake stories and teach us about the real issues
  • Smug Boi
    It's honestly a pretty funny idea to think that it would be safe just because it's DayQuil instead
  • The Like Button
    This isn’t a theory. It’s a public service announcement. Thank you for making these videos Matpat! I’ve been watching you since I was in my early college days, and I’m 30 & married now! I love your content!
  • Kabocha Hata
    Just goes to show how traditional news has devolved into grabbing at any trending headlines by any means instead of reporting on actual news that could legitimately prevent injury, sicken or in the worst cases death

    Thankfully we’ve got intellectuals like the Theorist channels to keep us informed on serious matters, whilst also bringing entertaining brain food
  • Turtle Face
    The way that the normally very chill Matpat (well when he's not playing games) got audibly furious as this video went on at how irresponsible the media is and how they're gonna get kids hurt by not doing their jobs just goes to show how serious this entire thing is
  • Furick
    This is probably the best theory video I've seen in recent times and I honestly feel like the team did a great job educating and exposing the media, I'm just worried that the title wouldn't attract enough people to the video and realize the actual problem. Great video either way.
  • GBear
    This is why the porcelain challenge exists. For those who don’t know, the porcelain challenge is a challenge that isn’t a challenge, the joke is we’re tricking the media into thinking kids are grinding up and snorting porcelain to see if they realize it’s a joke.
  • Liz santiago
    I feel like this is important to Mat so much more then the average person because he has a son growing up in this age, and I bet other parents, feel the same. Thanks for using your voice Mat, we need more entertainer/educators like you.
  • MyPoochyena
    I so appreciate you and Ann Reardon taking the time to address these dangerous trends and the way the media often ignores them or actively spreads them
  • Chicken_foods
    I would just like to say that I was doing an assignment on the TED talk "The Danger of a Single Story" and I was able to cite some of your videos (including this one) so thanks to- idk who is part of your team but thanks to everyone who worked on this!
  • NaLifetime
    Matpat using his influence to actually educate people and explain how satire is a very real thing gives me hope in humanity. So much media is pure noise, but it’s the nuggets of knowledge and simple satire that make it enjoyable.
  • NekoVenture
    Can we talk about the fact that this genuinely needs to be a video

    It's a helluva time we live in
  • Lillian P. Isley
    I’m glad you made this. I saw chubbyemu made a video on the topic but I didn’t want to watch a hypothetical medical case. You cleared up why all of a sudden people are talking about this “trend” when it it’s one. The media ruins everything 😂
  • Love how he stated worrying some people might actually done it, but worse mainstream media made it explode.
  • Brian McCall
    I hope everyone is sharing this video. Especially on Facebook where older audiences are prone to believing anything that they read/watch online. I'm sure there are grandparents out there that are really unnecessarily disappointed in their grandchildren because of these misunderstandings.
  • popixel
    Thanks Matt, I was cooking chicken for dinner tonight and wasn’t sure what to do with it for the family. I’ve never heard of this dumb idea, so now I know what to do.
  • Grace Boone
    I love how every episode, MatPat gets angrier and angrier at the media and big corporate companies. It’s nice seeing someone do real research instead of just trusting whatever they are told.
  • Raptor
    The literal definition of a midnight snack